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3-Bit Video Abstraction Project

My employer makes a nifty little 12-volt LED light that contains separate RGB (red/green/blue) diodes. It’s  3/4-inch in diameter and intended for rugged, outdoor environments — specifically decorative use on carnival rides. The cool thing is that it can change color on command. It has four separate wires — one power plus three separate ground leads — so that the three colors are independently controllable. The result is that the unit can display the eight colors of the 3-Bit RGB palette by powering the diodes alone and in combination.

I began thinking about taking the technology for driving LED matrices and scaling it up to use this light. I thought an LED monitor of sorts made from the company’s products might be an intersting promotional tool, such as at trade shows. The larger lens size and greater viewing angle would make it more akin to an incandescent scoreboard than a desktop circuit board. That would be fairly well suited to scoreboard-style scrolling text and simple animations, but what if you want to display video?

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Riddle Me This

Cryptographic messages have been found dating back to 1900 BC in Egypt. Julius Caesar was one of the more famous early rulers to use cryptography to communicate securely with his generals. His system, oddly called the Caesar Cipher would replace each letter with another letter a fixed distance from the first in the […]


Michael Collins

Michael Collins was an astronaut on Gemini 10 and Apollo 11. As command module pilot for Apollo 11, he was alone while Armstrong and Aldrin were galavanting on the moon. He took this photo, and thus is not in it. Matter can not be created or destroyed. That means that every human that […]


Jet Lag

It’s incredible to think that we can fly around this world in a matter of hours. In less than eight hours from door to door I can be in Europe. When you think about it, it really is amazing. Less than a century ago this was merely a dream. A century and a […]


It’s A Game Of Cat And Mouse

The mouse was invented in 1963. What did cats chase before then?


Seems Like Longer….

Three years ago, an idea takes form in the minds of our intrepid heroes….

“It’s really rainin’, eh?”

“Oh yeah, it’s really pissing down.”

“Whose bright idea to move to B.C. was it now, eh? Yours I think.”

“You lived here already, you hoser. Don’t try to blame it on me.”

“I wonder […]


The New Question

Too much is made of Star Wars vs. Star Trek. That question, however, has been around for decades. Almost as long as The Professor has been professering. I think it’s time for a new question. One that moves us into the 21st century of sci-fi/fantasy. “Star Wars or Harry Potter? Wand or light […]



Today’s User Input reminded me of a conversation I had last week with a couple coworkers. One of them, we’ll call him Mr. Pink, is notorious for being a workaholic. He’s even schedule vacations so he can combine them with work trips, much to his wife’s chagrin. Next week, however, he is going […]


Stormtrooper Detention

Is this even allowed in school any more? I mean, it may damage the fragile egos of the stormtrooper. Wait, do stormtroopers have egos? Are they like us? Are stormtroopers people, too? So many questions.

[Image Credit: Joel Erkkinen – Burnt Stick]



Most of my job consists of keeping track of energy. If I know how much energy I have coming in I can figure out how much energy I need to have going out. Then I can properly size a pump or heater or chiller, and tell the electrical engineers how much energy they […]