Atomic Hangovers

Atomic Wonderland: Sitting Ducks

In 1957 the US Air Force conducted a high altititude test of a low-yield atomic weapon. This test was not that different than much of the other atomic testing occuring at that time, except that 6 individuals–5 volunteers and one photographer–were standing directly underneath the blast in order to prove how ‘safe’ these weapons were. Thanks to the ever thorough US government, there is video of the test and the reactions of these fine gentlemen.

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Atomic Hangovers

No More Bad Decisions; No More Fun

As any self-respecting technogeek would, I enjoy drinking. Sometimes, I enjoy it a lot. My wife calls this “too much”. And she sends me links to stuff like this article from the Daily Mail that talks about a drug that is moving into human trials that has been shown to allow rats to […]

Atomic Hangovers

Musical Interlude: Stephen Hawking Has The Moves Like Jagger

Image Source: BusinessInsider

I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it does conjure up an amusing mental picture.

Some very odd young man has created a robot band. And they’re improving. And they have a plan.

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Atomic Hangovers

Hiding Under Your Shell: Duck and Cover

Do what it says or who knows what will happen to you

Listen children when you see the flash remember to Duck and Cover. Civil Defense wants to remind you that even with the fear of the atomic bomb all you have to do is put your head between your knees and wait it out.


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Atomic Awesome, Atomic Hangovers

Turning Swords Into Plowshares

File:Sedan Plowshare Crater.jpg

This is NOT the moon

“The nuclear explosions can be used to blast harbours in otherwise inaccessible coasts, to engage in the great art of what I want to call geographical engineering – to reshape the land to your pleasure and indeed to break up the rocks and make them yield up their riches” – Edward Teller

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Atomic Hangovers

Controlling Your Irritation

Ah, back in the days when traffic control markers actually worked…

As you may have noticed, there was no Startup this morning. This is due entirely to me falling asleep in my computer chair last night after a failed experiment. I thought I would have no problem driving for ten hours, catching a […]

Atomic Hangovers, Wheeee!!

In case you missed it


Yesterday, commentator extraordinair OA5599 left us this juicy little tidbit in response to Friday’s post “Plasma Tweeters”.

<stunned silence>

The force is strong in this one…