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Things You Never Say

I can’t wait to get back to Kennedy to try this theory out.

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AT Pro Tips

Marketing Fail

In 2006, Sandisk released the E200 mp3 player. Obviously, by that time the iPod was dominating the market. The E100, even though it provided many features the iPod did not, was generally considered a failure. So, for the E200 a marketing campaign was launched called iDon’t which included posters, commercials and a website. Apparently, mocking iPod consumers as iSheep and iChimps turned out to not be the best marketing strategy. People were less likely to ditch their iPods and buy the E200 after you insulted them. On top of it, the E200 was not featured in any of the advertising and only after you went to the website did you find out it was for the Sandisk media player.

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AT Pro Tips

Fun With Tannerite

Sometimes you just want to blow sh*t up. If you’re like me, that’s actually most times. If you’re like reader lilwillie, you go out and do it. Paper targets are boring, so here’s an official Atomic Toaster Pro Tip™: paint your paper target with Tannerite for more awesome explosions! Just make sure you do it out in the boonies where the feds won’t be able to track you down.
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Paintball Purgatory

* Paintball Weapons May Not Be Exactly As Shown

I would hope that everyone has seen or heard what Paintball is. Grown men or women in some cases, running through the woods shooting each other with markers that are operated on different inert gases pushing a .68 caliber gelatin ball at 285 feet per second. Some of us who play paintball prefer to play Mil-Sim style. Mil-Sim, or Military Simulation, in Paintball is a very popular segment of the sport and big part of the simulation portion is having weapons similar to those on the battlefield. Continue reading Paintball Purgatory

AT Pro Tips

Atomic Toaster’s Pro Tip: Don’t F*ck with Old People

Technology is fun. If it weren’t we wouldn’t be doing this. Sometimes, that fun can be had in nefarious ways. The early hackers used boxes to produce the right sequence and frequency of tones to get free long distance calls. Kevin Mitnick is famous for combining social engineering with his knowledge of computer […]