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No More Adventures


In the spirit of this slacker, infrequent posting weekend, here is a little something I came across a while back on In the movie Star Wars, techincally episode IV if you keep up with that sort of thing, much of the first half of the film basically stars C3-PO. “With his incessant doom-saying and neurotic anxiety, he is basically just an awful existentialist poet. See for yourself: here’s a “poem” composed entirely out of lines originally delivered in a high and agitated pitch by Anthony Daniels. It’s in chronological order and spans roughly the first quarter of the film… Just imagine that the entire thing is being delivered by a pale kid with greasy swooping bangs or, if you prefer, in the process of being frantically scribbled into a spiral notebook post-first-breakup.” ( Hit the jump and see what you think!

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Ars gratia artis

Shutdown: Conch Horn

Click to Largerizerize

When I came across the above image, I didn’t know what I was looking at, at first. It almost looks like it could be an alien space ship for teeny aliens with a rather gaudy fashion sense.

What it is, is a ritual Tibetan Buddhist conch shell horn. From the […]

Ars gratia artis

Faking It

As alluded to earlier in today’s ‘What Ever Became of’ post, the altering of photographic images has been happening since the birth of the medium, the tools have just changed in the digital world. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is currently running an exhibit that highlights many early manipulated images, showcasing various techniques. Some images were essentially ‘filtered’ to improve the image, such as adding color or tint, while others were chopped to create imaginary scenes. A select few of the images are highlighted here, and the majority of the exhibit can be seen on the museum’s website.

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Ars gratia artis, Random Data

Random Data: Birdcage Maserati Engine

Click for a very hi-res image. Picture by Michel Zumbrunn

Yes, yes, go ahead and whine about “puff pieces” and “no content”, then look at the photo and tell me that the vehicle shown isn’t art. Bloody philistines….

For you photo geeks, the picture was taken with a Phase One medium format digital […]

Ars gratia artis, Shutdown

The Deadly Sins

The Deadly Sins by Kris Kuksi 2007, mixed media assemblage sculpture. Click for hires image.

This is an incredible piece. It makes me wish that I could afford to collect art.

Ars gratia artis

Fossils of the Past from the Future

Since we started the weekend with a look at a art and technology, I thought it would be a good time to see some art that is obsolete technology. Or maybe it is obsolete technology that is art? Either way, some artists at a place called Bughouse have created “Future Fossils” out of cement. These are cast and color stained pieces that the artist felt represent ‘some of the most desirable and iconic hardware from days gone by,’ and are life size! As Marty McFly once said, “Heavy.”

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Ars gratia artis, Shutdown

“The Starry Night” and Tributes


"The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh, circa 1889

Techie’s post of that “variation” on van Gogh’s The Starry Night earlier today reminded me of a recent tribute that I’ve seen, as well as another interesting variation.

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Airborne Awesomosity, Ars gratia artis

Blackbird Porn Gallery


Click for hires image

 Good morning everyone.

Well, here I am again without a proper article to stultify your brain for the day. How very embarrassing, however there is nothing that can be done about it at this point. It’s time to go for the cheap shot.

The SR-71 Blackbird is hands down my favourite aircraft, and I know that it’s a favourite of many of you so-called readers out there. I’m not going to go into its history or development because most you know that better than I do. I don’t have a cool, previously unpublished pilot’s story to share either, dammit. No, what I’ve got is a gallery of hires photos that I’ve assembled from my collection that you can lose yourselves in for an hour or two. I doubt that there are any there that you haven’t already seen, but if there are, great! You just don’t come across new SR-71 photos that often these days, dammit again.

Since engineered is still off on safari in a windy building in an undisclosed location somewhere, this will also help somewhat to fill the void left by his lack of postings.

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Cabinet of Curiosities

"Scarabattolo" by Domenico Remps, circa 1690

I’ve been terribly busy this week, having a life and all that, so I didn’t have time to put together one of my typical mind-numbing long-winded articles this week. Yes, I know that you’re disappointed, but I did find an interesting painting for you to […]

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Up On the Roof

Picture yourself sitting in a nice hotel, gazing out on the New York skyline, ready to head out and take on the town for the first day of your Big Apple vacation. Across the rooftops you spy a familiar shape, and think to yourself, ‘No, that can’t be a Sopwith Camel on that roof.’ So you grab your trusty binoculars, that you brought another for, uh, sightseeing, and take another look. There sits the WWI era biplane, rusting away on what appears to be a truncated runway!

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