What Ever Became of…This Feature?

It’s been a good run, but these last few weeks I have come to the realization that I have hit a bit of a wall when it comes to lost tech, dead ends along the trail of technological development. As in, I am out of good ideas to write about. And, quite frankly, […]


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today across the USA and other random parts of the world, people are gathering with family and friends to eat, watch football, drink copious amounts of wine and other adult beverages, and…oh yeah…give thanks. We here at Atomic Toasters want to thank you, our readers and commenters, for another great year. We […]

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Last Call for Hooniversal Secret Ninja-Claus!

It’s that time of year again…

For those of you who may have missed it over on our sister site, Hooniversal Secret Ninja-Claus is back on again. You have until tomorrow to get your name into the pot if you’d like to participate.

There are two ways to ensure you’re going to be […]


Happy Hallowe’en From AtomicToasters

My hand is cramped now.

Stay safe out there, everyone, and may all your costumes be sexy, revealing ones.


Who Got Saturday* On My Toasters?!?

Welcome to the new  Atomic Toasters Weekend! (Toasted Weekend for short)

I am HycoSpeed, and I will be bringing you 28.6% more of the AT content that you know and love!

Some of you may have seen me around Atomic Toasters and Hooniverse, and for those of you kids old […]

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Happy Birthday, Engineerd!

If you look carefully, they've written "Happy Birthday Dustin!" on the driver's side window.

Today is Dustin’s birthday, better known to the AtomicToasters crew as our own engineerd. As he makes that great leap, surging violently forward into old age, we here wish him the very best, with a great many more happy […]


A Public Service Announcement About The Gawkerpocalypse

None of the hackers looked anything like this at all. She's cute though!

As you may have heard, Gawker Media is having a little bit of difficulty right now. Since we have reason to suspect that many of you also frequent Gawker sites, this is a public service reminder to change your password […]


Welcome to AtomicToasters!

Welcome… to the FUTURE.

If you’re like us, you probably love technology. You like anything with blinking lights, flashing buttons, whirring gears. If it does something cool, or accomplishes something you never thought possible, we can’t help but want it. But if you’re like us, you’re probably a bit tired of the latest tech news.

It seems as though the popular media has decided that the main things that we, as enthusiasts of gadgetry in general, are only interested in the latest and most popular items. Oh look, another app for the iPhone! Wow, a new 3D television! Ooh, some new internet phone service that promises to be even less expensive than the last “free” service!

Well enough of that nonsense.

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