Life Sized Lego Car Powered By Air

lego-carIt’s Extactly What It Says On The Box. A car made of Lego, big enough to carry a human, and uses compressed air to provide the motor force. Video after the jump.

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Om Nom Nom

Several hours after being eaten, the moon appeared to emerge from the Arecibo radio telescope, quickly quelling a new-born myth; but, gave rise to more questions than it answered.



Startup: Might Be History

Some hipsters competing to see who’s ska ukelele vinyl is the most underground, as photographed by another hipster with one of those camera filter apps for his smartphone.

Or possibly listening booths at an HMV store in London in 1955. I can’t tell any more.



Startup: Early Skill Development

“Hang on a sec. I can see my school from here.”



Startup: Wolf Whistle At The Sky

Perhaps one of our more aeronautically inclined readers or editors can tell me what kind of plane that is. All I know is that’s one sexy paint job.



Startup: Morgan Freeman Was Wrong

Apparently, penguins do fly. Samuel L Jackson has already had it with them.



Startup: Being Meta

It looks like some sort of joke, but really it’s a metaphor for Atomic Toasters.



Startup: 24 Hours of Airplanes

Admittedly this data is 5 years old now, but it’s still interesting to see that most Europeans like to fly to the States and get a good night’s rest, but most American prefer to doze on the plane overnight and stumble through their first day in Europe.



Startup: Free Coffee, If You Have The Time

Arrive in a Prius and your coffee gets an extra flavor shot that smells reminiscent of urine. On the other hand, eventually the barista would get sick of hearing everyone’s awful attempts at iambic pentameter.



Startup: Tired Wall Is Tired

You had one job, wall! And now look – what is door supposed to do? Lazy.