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User Input: Needy Appliances

You don’t appreciate them until they’re gone.

Good morning everyone.

About a month ago, I went to warm up a cup of coffee in our new-ish (about 6 months old) microwave, and after pressing the “start” button, instead of the hum of RF radiation being emitted, there was a sudden loud buzzing sound, much […]

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The Most Versatile Tool?

This is some handy stuff.

Good morning everyone.

As most of you are well aware, I’m something of a tool enthusiast. I’m always looking for something to make my tasks easier or give me better results, preferably both. I’ve also been known to buy tools just because they look particularly enchanting, but we won’t […]

Geeky Astronomy

HUDF – Something New Has Been Added

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Click to Largerizerize.

Good morning everyone.

One of the most famous astronomical images in history just got a lot better. The image above was released at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Boston yesterday, June 3rd, the result of revisiting the same region of the sky as the Hubble […]

Geeky Chemistry

Tangere Curas

Good morning everyone.

When I’m having difficulty constructing a particularly tricky gadget that I’ve thought up and my head feels like it’s full of sand, I’ll often go blunder around on the internet to unclog the noggin, and occasionally that leads to some interesting places. The most recent gem that I’ve found is a […]

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User Input: A Modest Proposal for the Winter Olympics

The 1936 Italian bobsleigh team engages in hijinks.

Good morning everyone. The quadriannual Winter Olympics are well under way, and I for one have been watching far too much of them. I especially enjoy the biathlons, as I enjoy target shooting and detest skiing when it involves me. One can only marvel at the […]

Atomic Awesome, Big Complicated Machines, Technostalgia

Mesta Memories #24: Steam-Hydraulic Forging Presses

The Mesta Machine Company made large, and I daresay even huge, hydraulic forging presses for a great many years while they were in operation, and were widely used in industry. A while back I wrote a post about the 50,000 ton Mesta hydraulic forging press The “Fifty”, which was built several […]

Geeky Planetary Science

Geeky Planetary Science: Earth Winds

This illustrates why I never want to sail the Southern Ocean.

I’ve come across several articles about the new interactive wind map modeled from the U.S. National Weather Service’s Global Forecast System database, but I hadn’t gotten around to checking it out until today whilst catching up on Universe Today. You should take a […]

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User Input: Good Lord, That’s Ugly…

A pickle for Xmas? Oh please…

Good morning everyone, it’s been a while.

This morning, as I was chipping the ice off of my legs (it’s been rather chilly here in the lower 48, hasn’t it? I’m sure that it’s another heinous Canadian plot), I got thinking about Xmas tree decorations. In my case, […]

Atomic Awesome, Big Complicated Machines, Technostalgia

Mesta Memories #23: Rope Drives and Flywheels

A large-ish rope drive wheel being turned on a pit lathe.

Following on to the last post about the giant frikkin’ gears that the Mesta Machine Co. used to make, this time we’ll take a quick look at their rope drives and flywheels which are also predictably huge.

As it states above, rope drives […]


Seems Like Longer….

Three years ago, an idea takes form in the minds of our intrepid heroes….

“It’s really rainin’, eh?”

“Oh yeah, it’s really pissing down.”

“Whose bright idea to move to B.C. was it now, eh? Yours I think.”

“You lived here already, you hoser. Don’t try to blame it on me.”

“I wonder if […]