Hooniverse, Spy vs Spy Week

Stakeout, Stasi-style

Mercedes-Benz W123 diesel

Monday. A serious-looking man in a hat, sitting in a brown Mercedes-Benz four-door saloon. Dirty street, after lunchtime. “Knock knock”, the sound of leather glove clad knuckles on a window. Just like every time when it had been Günther’s turn to go get some coffee. Hans wound the window down.

“Yes”, he replied, “zwei stücke Zucker, ohne Milch, just like every time.”
“Nein, Hans, I have got to tell you something.”
“Was? Was ist los?”
“I don’t know what is los, but I have found out something disturbing.”

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From Hooniverse: eCoupled Induction Charging for EVs

Over on Hooniverse, Alex Kierstein is covering CES 2011. I’m not sure, but I think that’s a convention for people who like to dress up in big furry animal costumes and get it on Discovery Channel style. I’m not sure why Alex is covering that, but that’s none of our business. Fortunately, while he’s there, he’s also managing to find some cool technology items that could prove to be interesting to us here at AtomicToasters. In case you missed it, here are some highlights!

While stumbling, bleary-eyed, dead on my feet, across a hall so large the curvature of the earth would have been visually apparent were it not for a vast sea of similarly stumbling event attendees, I spotted a Tesla Roadster at the Fulton Innovations stand. The Tesla was charging … without wires! “What unnatural divination be this?” I bellowed. “From whence did this foul electromancy come, what evil hallow, what forsaken coven?”

“Uh … Michigan?” the stand person ventured.

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Tunes for Hoons: The Goingincirclez MP3-Track

In June 2008 I flipped a defiant middle finger to the Fuelpocalypse and resurrected a 17-years-derelict land barge – a 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV.   I dubbed this rolling assault on Priuses and good taste The Angstmobile for many reasons, not the least of which was its proclivity for making its presence known with a delightfully evil chugging, courtesy of an inconvenient exhaust manifold leak.  10mpg never sounded so bombastic!

Of course the reason for stomaching 10mpg (16 downhill with a tailwind) is to enjoy yourself, and sometimes you wanna just kick back and listen to show tunes Sepultura as you drift down the interstate in your glistening, vinyl-coiffed iron puff.   Sadly, to this end the Angstmobile had an even more bothersome issue than the exhaust chug:  a factory 8-track radio.    Did you know that 8-tracks basically suck?  Cherishably quirky Beta tapes and Laser dics they are not; when hoary cassettes and bulky reel-to-reels take the honorifics in today’s eclectic sound systems, you know your magneto-format is dead.   Pity… I mean what a waste of a perfectly good Mobius Spool.

Since broadcast radio in Kentucky is the 8th Level of Clear Channel Hell, I made a conversion adapter to play MP3’s through an 8-track head unit, without major modification, while retaining its original appearance.    The basic idea is simple enough so I surely wasn’t the first to do it, but I did get the idea and work out the design on my own.  I posted the finished product on a handful of Ford-related forums at the time before stucking it on my own cesspool of angst personal website, where it’s consistently a #1 result of many Google searches.   Isn’t great to discover you’re not alone in your insanity?

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