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User Input: Pride and Praise

I have a number of gadgets, gizmos and nerd accessories that tend to garner me quite a few compliments. The various pens that The Professor sent me a year or so ago are very high on that list; every time someone sees one, I get the dazzled, far-away look, and a longing expression of […]

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User Input: Marked Improvement

Mine produces noticeably less black smoke…

I have a Tassimo instant brewer at home, and while it’s a fun little machine, it has tended to be lumped in with instant coffee for me. It’s an acceptable substitute for coffee, but it’s not really coffee. In much the same way as the plasticheese you […]

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User Input: Obvious Spiral

Search any term like “tech company collapse” or “tech failure”, and three names come to the front over and over again. Blackberry is one. What are the others?

As a consequence of my new place of employment, I am now required to carry around a work phone as well. Unlike my trusty iPhone […]

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User Input: Ignore The Man Behind The Curtain

I went and got my semi-annual professional straight-razor shave last night. As always, it was a wonderful experience, but it was just slightly tarnished by a few small let-downs. First and foremost was the fact that my awesome usual barber-chick doesn’t work there anymore. A sexy pierced and tattooed suicide-girl-looking lass, she had […]

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User Input: Unreliably Dependent

Today, I am getting a headache by way of email. It’s almost as if a headache is being emailed directly into my brain, except for the fact that I’m receiving it. Were it actually being emailed, I would likely never have to worry about it, because it would never get there.

I hate […]

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User Input: Failed Migration

I got to watch recently as  a small local business was purchased by a large international conglomerate. A big part of that process involved converting and migrating decades of sales and transactional data, and integrating it into the new computer software that the much larger company brought along with it

In talking to […]

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User Input: The Unremembered


Yesterday was Remembrance Day here in Canada, which is a day especially for acknowledging the significant contributions and sacrifices our veterans made in the service of their country, and for remembering those who died fighting for our nation. It is a holiday that is particularly near and dear to our hearts here […]

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User Input: Technological End-Run

Click to embiggen, if required.

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User Input: Split Ends of Eras


It was discovered the other day that a law recently passed in Ontario has the accidental side-effect of making barbershops illegal, and as a result, virtually all of them will have to close down, if not permanently, for at least a few years.

The law was originally intended simply to prevent sexism, […]

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User Input: Incompatible Technologies


It seems that I have somehow developed a small faulty ground, somewhere in my car’s electrical system, specifically related to the radio. The vast majority of the time, it’s no problem at all, but for some reason, it causes a larger issue when I try and plug in any devices to charge. For […]