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User Input: Prepare to Hate


A new year is upon us, and with that shall come store shelves stocked to overflowing with all kinds of new gadgetry and technobaubles. Things that go “boop”! Things with flashy lights! Stuff from Apple that everyone will say they hate because it’s from Apple!

And, inevitably, somewhere in that giant mess, there […]

The Technology of Music

Ancient Chinese Instrument Plays Mario Bros. Theme

When you actually start looking back through some of the more obscure bits of history, it really is astonishing how many things that we think of as fairly modern, have actually been around for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese, for instance, had a pretty good grasp on the workings of the cosmos, were able […]

Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

The Cake Really Is A Lie

For those who have everything, and who have more cake than they know what to do with, consider doing their gift shopping with this Kijiji ad. While the price is a bit rich for our blood, we can’t help but think it would be fantastic for keeping religious salespeople off our doorstep.


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User Input: Holiday Chaos

“Corporate has targeted an 18.4% improvement in holiday cheer vs. last year’s numbers. To that end, we’ve brought in professional models to stand around the office in silly hats and look cheerful.”

You may have perceived a marked decline in the frequency of posts here on AtomicToasters. Unfortunately, that’s another classic case of real […]

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User Input: Repeated Requests

I collect hand-made items, specifically hand-made coffee cups, but also just about anything one-of-a-kind or made by an artisan. If I can get a handmade desk, or chair, or shoes, or whatever, if it’s within my budget, I will always choose that option.

You would think, then, that I should be pretty easy to […]

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User Input: Horrible Excess

It’s that time of year again, and the Christmas and miscellaneous-other-holiday decorations are springing up everywhere like sick children in flu season. Now, this is not the bah-humbug post you might expect it to be, because I actually love the holidays. People keep trying to make it a religious festival, and that bothers me […]

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User Input: Technological Excess

Looks precisely nothing like this.

I have a number of items, languishing in boxes from hell to breakfast, that I periodically wonder why I ever bought them. One such item is a self-heating coffee mug. In the interest of full disclosure, this is not the first or only example I have of such a […]

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User Input: Holiday Predictions

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I could have your attention for just a moment. It seems Gartner Research has released a lengthy statement this week, announcing that, everyone, don’t panic, but smartwatches will not be the hot gift item this year.

For myself, as both a tech junkie and a watch aficionado, I actually wouldn’t […]

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User Input: Pride and Praise

I have a number of gadgets, gizmos and nerd accessories that tend to garner me quite a few compliments. The various pens that The Professor sent me a year or so ago are very high on that list; every time someone sees one, I get the dazzled, far-away look, and a longing expression of “Ohhhh… […]

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User Input: Marked Improvement

Mine produces noticeably less black smoke…

I have a Tassimo instant brewer at home, and while it’s a fun little machine, it has tended to be lumped in with instant coffee for me. It’s an acceptable substitute for coffee, but it’s not really coffee. In much the same way as the plasticheese you get […]