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Why The World Needs Nuclear Power

Nuclear_Power_Plant[Editor’s Note: Nuclear Science Week was pointed out to us on the tips line by Elizabeth Eckhart, along with a commitment to contribute. If you’d like to see AtomicToasters come back from its Chernobyl-like radioactive slumber, you should follow Elizabeth’s lead, and send in

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stuff for the rest of us to discuss. You can also follow Elizabeth’s Twitter account at @elizeckhart] Continue reading Why The World Needs Nuclear Power

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Paintball Purgatory

* Paintball Weapons May Not Be Exactly As Shown

I would hope that everyone has seen or heard what Paintball is. Grown men or women in some cases, running through the woods shooting each other with markers that are operated on different inert gases pushing a .68 caliber gelatin ball at 285 feet per second. Some of us who play paintball prefer to play Mil-Sim style. Mil-Sim, or Military Simulation, in Paintball is a very popular segment of the sport and big part of the simulation portion is having weapons similar to those on the battlefield. Continue reading Paintball Purgatory

Go-Fast Technology, Wheeee!!

Hydraulic Face Removal

At this point in the ride, unless you’re at the very top, you just pray that nobody vomits.

Roller Coasters used to come in 2 flavors, Wood and Steel. Both use gravity to pull the ride throughout the layout and for many years after they were introduced were all the same. Up the hill, slowly being

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pulled by a heavy, inefficient chain where it was released to travel the length of it layout. Top Thrill Dragster, at Cedar Point uses gravity, but only for the latter half of the ride. The first half of this 30 second ride uses kinetic energy to get the trains down 480 feet of track and up a ridiculous 420’ hill. Continue reading Hydraulic Face Removal

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The Napier Deltic

My post (or essay) today represents a rare opportunity for me to be proud to be British, and concerns the work of D. Napier & Son Limited, who started life as a car manufacturer. After WW1 they turned their hand to concentrate on engines and became one of the most important aircraft engine manufacturers of the first half of the 20th century. Some of their most famous engines, the Sabre, Lion etc found worldwide recognition powering aircraft and racing cars, including various land-speed record holders. Continue reading The Napier Deltic


My First Computer: The Thomson T08

The Thomson T08 (Image Source:

My first computer was a THOMSON TO8. It was a French-made computer designed for the French market. Instead of boring you with all its technical details (they are available here), let me tell you about how one of them beat all the others to my desk and what a good thing it was. Continue reading My First Computer: The Thomson T08

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Now THAT’S My Kind of Marxism

The Lucid Science Mk. 1 High-Voltage Rock Disaggregator in all its glory.

The Marx generator is a simple circuit designed by Erwin Marx

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in 1924 to create very short bursts of very high voltage. It charges several […]

Old School Gaming

Nintendo Entertainment System Turns 25 Today

Image via Flickr 25 years ago today, the parents of many lucky children were purchasing the new Nintendo Entertainment System from NY FAO Schwartz, in all of its 8-bit glory. Continue reading Nintendo Entertainment System Turns 25 Today


OCD, gadgets, and me

They won’t miss that last one.

Hello, my name is Michael and I am a gadget hoarder. It has been two months since I have brought home a discarded piece of technology. Continue reading OCD, gadgets, and me