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Blue Marble


I can see my house from here!

I’m a bit of a photography geek.  I spend too much on equipment, get excited for overcast days that are still really bright out and spend too much time critiquing the photo when I look at porn, kittens, awesome cars.  I believe there are three […]

Free Range Technology

Rockets and Cameras and Water, Oh My!

"One day kid, you can be immature like us."

Insanity is fun where you’re surrounded by people who encourage it or supplement it.  My uncle is usually the lead in coming up with stupid ways to injure people around us.  He usually spends as much time building a trebuchet, gigantic bubbles, potato cannon […]

Neutrinos with Syrup

Where’s Wall-E?

Ok AT readers, you have a homework assignment for the weekend. I found this today and figured, between our collective geek/nerd collective, we should be able to name all of the robots above. Also…where exactly is Wall-E?

Full size image at (http://www.hopewellstudios.com/images/stories/geekings/whereswalle1450.jpg)

Free Range Technology

Stuff From My… Uncle’s Brain

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! My bubbles!

My uncle is a retired school teacher who I believe is spending his retirement trying to mess with the public.  He has built a trebuchet, a potato gun and recently has figured out how to create the largest bubbles anywhere.

When I arrived four timezones away from home, […]

Airborne Awesomosity, Neutrinos with Syrup

Bathroom Break

Leaving on a multi-prop plane…

The iPhone has some cool tricks.  Below are videos of one that I heard about and got to try out on my trip to Nova Scotia. Click the links below for a quick video of the strange lovechild of aviation and Apple.

Magic appearing propeller

Corkscrew […]


Startup – Lights!

My roommate at university insisted that he use 100 Watt lights in his room.  They were to help him study better.  I used 40 Watt lightbulbs because they gave my room some “mood lighting”.  He did much better with both girls and school.

I went to see “Wicked: A New Musical” last night […]

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Startup: Really?

Yesterday I went shopping. This is strange for a small town guy. In my town you don’t go shopping, you go buying. There is no reason to browse anything. However, in the big city I’m visiting, you can shop. I bought a Lego Star Wars Stormtrooper Alarm Clock.

This wasn’t the classic impulse […]

Free Range Technology

Creative Geekery

Yeah, I took this.

Ah, vacation time! Time to kick back, drink heavily and sleep late.  Who am I kidding, as a geek we have no ability to slow our brains down.  I have two months off and I’m gearing up for rocking my creative output.

First off, I started a […]

Free Range Technology

Stuff from my… Cabin: Spearguns

My father is part of a long line of collectors. Not good collectors who can go onto “Antiques Roadshow” and get a ton of cash but ones that find old chairs, broken waterskis and other useless junk that might be useful at some point in somebody’s life.

Above are actually the spearguns […]


Startup: Old-School Photo Booth

Yup, it was bound to happen.  Somebody (specifically www.thephotocabine.com) decided we needed a good, ole-fashoned photobooth.  Go there, follow instructions and start playing.  Sorry for putting my face on your computer this early.

Me and My Face

Thanks […]