Want to Explore a Historic Steam Powerplant?

On a uncharacteristically beautiful, warm, and non-rainy day in Seattle, I grabbed my cameras and headed south to the industrial district to scout locations for zombie horror films take some photos of old buildings. Wandering around Boeing Field, I noticed a sign for the Georgetown Power Plant Museum … and lo and behold, it turned out to be the once-monthly day where the historic steam plant is open to the public. Score!

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User Input: InVennting A New Tomorrow

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User Input: Bacon Salvation

Come all ye faithful …

If you’ve reached the age where you can understand a single thing that engineerdâ„¢ goes on about, then you’re probably an adult. A dorky adult, like us all. And that also means it’s likely that you’ve lived long enough to have a situation where the dung hit the […]


Startup: Flying Fortress 101 Edition

It is a safe, comfortable feeling to know that in a pinch, I could hop into pretty much any modern passenger car, truck, or motorcycle and drive it right off the bat. Handy in all sorts of situations – zombie attack, lemur uprising, moonlighting as a valet, casual car theft, or murderous in-laws. […]


Shutdown: Helmets? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Helmets!

Barry and Ivan slightly before the accident that left them forever DERP’d.

There’s probably a physicist out there in our readership that could explain how some gyroscopic force is keeping these two lunatics from catastrophically accelerating their frontal lobes into their foreskull, but ever since a childhood accident with a slide rule I […]


Charles Joseph Minard: Father of the Infographic

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While the infographic is ubiquitous and mundane now, at its inception it was a revolutionary concept – an entirely new way to present lots of data visually for easier assimilation. Before Minard blew minds with his Carte figurative des pertes […]



Yeah, the Borg were pretty tough customers … but they merely traveled around in a simple geometric cube. The Sporg travel around in a freakin’ Menger-Sierpinski sponge, with infinite surface area and enclosing zero volume! In case you can’t comprehend that, human, here is the mathematical representation:


Airborne Awesomosity

“Arguably the Most Unstable Aircraft Man Had Ever Flown”

And possibly the ugliest, to boot. Looking more like an origami beluga whale than an aircraft, Tacit Blue was one of the most bizarre technology demonstrators ever to take flight, but proved the technologies it pioneered.

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Shutdown: Levitate Me

OK, first, go here and click play. In the mood for love maglev now? You’re looking at NASA’s magnetic launch assist technology demonstrator, using the power of a maglev track to help accelerate this model airplane into flight. The real MLA system would help a hypersonic SSTO (single stage to orbit) spacecraft off […]

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User Input: Pink Slip for Planet Pluto

Plenty of things in astronomy are constant, permanent, immutable. We might go extinct during the lemur uprising of 2145, and even the sun will eventually exhaust its fuel supply and engulf the lemurs as it expands outward into a red giant in a few billion years. But gravity, magnetism, and the speed of […]