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Top Gun is thirty


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It’s been thirty years since Top Gun first premiered. Now that you feel nice and old then lets go back to remembering those fun years when nuclear devastation hung over our head.

Thirty years is a long time in movie history.  Starring actors from such hits as Risky Business, Top Secret and a future star of E.R. Really what could be better?


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The movie is a love letter to the Cold War in ways that even Red Dawn doesn’t even manage to. It pulls you in with all the crazy aviation madness and then you learn what the movie is really about. It’s about highs, lows, loss, regret and redemption. It’s such a simple Hollywood movie at its heart. There are so many pieces to this movie that wouldn’t be out of place in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. You could see them chewing on all those dead spots where the words just die on screen. 


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So you are just sitting there staring at the screen and wondering why you put your time into this movie. Let’s face it though it’s because of the F-14’s, A-4’s, and F-5’s.  You can sit there and dream about flying Tomcat’s for a living. You’ve wanted to be up there fighting the pinko scum since you were a kid. Ok so now we know they aren’t pinko scum anymore. Instead we have learned that we should have just given them all all free cars and left them to their devices and we would have won the war for a far cheaper price. Well who am I kidding. They are still something that the late great Tom Clancy would still be writing dozens of books about to this day.  Still we can at least just think about those days when we got to look up and just wait for the flybys and dropped coffee.


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But this is what Atomic Toasters is. it’s a celebration of the Cold War. A time when technology was king. When you could try anything or be anything. At least that’s what we remember in hindsight. At least those of us who lived through it. The movie treats you to all the realities of the Cold War in one easy to eat package. Start with a cool battle of us versus them where we are clearly the victors. This is when Hollywood attacks and you watch a man fall apart. It’s a bit of heavy handed foreshadowing in a movie that isn’t very subtle.  Outside of the lifts in our leads shoes.

Let us remember that it is the allegory that sits with us. Wanting to return to a time when the military was king, the sky was the limit, but the fear of it falling on us was always looking down on you. Such is the story of our little movie. One that is always better in your mind than the one you are actually watching. Top Gun is the icing on the Cold War cake. It sits up there with Under Siege as the end of the line for Cold War America. War is fun! There are no repercussions. Just topless women jumping out of cakes. At the opposite end of the spectrum is The Hunt for Red October which can be seen as eating your vegetables. Where you have to see how the enemy is disintegrating in front of us. That they are a bigger threat to themselves then they are to us.


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Now if you will excuse me I have a volleyball match to catch up on. Well that and scheduling the posts to go with this little rant..

  • 0A5599

    It was also a prequel of sorts to Days of Thunder, minus the left turns. And jet fighters are more interesting than Chevy Luminas.

    • Wayne Moyer

      Ok I’ll give you that but there is one issue. Although the NASCAR Luminas ran in circles they weren’t on strings like the Tomcats in Top Gun.

  • Wayne Moyer

    Oh this is funny. So I post this a couple days ago and this just pops up on twitter tonight. Now I had heard rumors but we finally get it confirmed by the director.

    Excited to make it official. Joe Kosinski is on board to direct. And Top Gun is coming to theaters July 12, 2019. #TopGun #Maverick

    • Vairship

      We all know you have that secret inside information… 😉

      Thanks for bringing Atomic Toasters back!

      • Wayne Moyer

        Oh no problem at all. I’ve only been threatening to for a year. Now I just need to up with it. Which won’t been too hard to do. I think the hardest part will be expanding outisde of aircraft. My next theme is still aircraft based but beyond that I have some ideas for things that don’t have wings. I just want to stick to the Cold War theme.