A-T Technology Death Pool

A-T Technology Death Pool


“Way back on the 2nd of January, 2012 AD, we asked you to try and predict what technologies would find their final resting place this that year.” As far as I can tell from a few minutes of thorough research, that 2012 Death Pool posted by engineerd™ was the last time we asked for technology prognostications. Many of the predictions from that year actually have yet to die, perhaps most notably BlackBerry, who is still hanging on. So much so that we can even recycle the text from that year!

“Blackberry remains on life support this year. RIM, despite a failed tablet, has managed to stay afloat and is currently touting Blackberry 10 the Priv running Android as a company saving platform. Is it really going to save the company, or is it just another Palm 2.0 final gasp of air? Unfortunately for our little morbid game, we have to wait until 2013 the rest of 2016 to see if the coffin gets closed.”

Other than our favorite Canadian “smart”-phone maker, other predictions from that year included wristwatches, standalone GPS units, network TV, Kodak, point-and-shoot cameras, SiriusXM, and netbooks.

Now let’s fast forward to 4 years later. Will this be the year any of those previous guesses finally give up the ghost? Is it finally RIM’s year, for real this time? Or is there a technology secretly hanging on that you think will finally depart the land of the living this year, much like Sony’s scheduled blow to BetaMax–yes, that Beta, who knew?

Fire up the old What If Machine, and let us know what technology will meet its doom in the upcoming year!

  • SlowJoeCrow

    Kodak is back out of bankruptcy, still makes Tri-X and just announced a new Super 8 camera and film. While film is definitely a niche product, it is still alive and kicking. The same goes for point and shoot digital cameras where there is a niche for something better than a smartphone and more portable than an SLR or mirrorless .
    The same can be said of standalone GPS units. While the combination of built in systems and smartphones makes car GPS a fading market the steady decrease in cost and size and increase in capability makes standalone GPS units a growth field in other markets. Bike computers, sports watches and marine and outdoor units are still strong sellers because they do things phones can’t.
    Netbooks, as such seem to be dead although Chrome Books and Windows based competitors keep the form factor alive.
    I think RIM may crater this year, TV will hang on and satellite radio is off my radar. I will also predict that no bicycle technology will disappear, however much I wish press fit bottom brackets would die the death. Also the serial port will live on despite all attempts to kill it.

  • I wish I could see whether anyone called Google Glass out back in the day. Is there any way I can (manually or otherwise) assist the shift of old IntenseDebate to Disqus archives?

  • I was going to say the stand alone VCR but it looks like I missed the boat. Amazon seems to have a professional level model and a handful of leftover stock items but Best Buy doesn’t have them on the website any more. I imagine VHS/DVD combo units will linger for those who want to convert home movies.

  • P161911

    I picked up a new alarm clock the other day at Walmart and was surprised to see a real full size cassette tape recorder on the shelf. http://i5.walmartimages.com/dfw/dce07b8c-e6d6/k2-_b768b20d-8c26-4ff6-b309-8ae6d4bfa23f.v1.jpg

  • Mr_Biggles

    No prediction here, just an observation.

    Our 15 year old carousel CD player gave up the other day. I got a new one at Goodwill. No shortage of stock and I figured the prices would be better than at Best Buy. For yucks I checked the Best Buy website anyway. They only listed a few CD players for home stereo systems. However there were at least 25 turntables listed. And most of them weren’t even USB connected ones. Go figure.

    I long ago restored an old Dual turntable and brought my LP collection home from my parents’ place. I pick up LP’s as I come across them at garage sales or friends’ basements. A full resurgence has me worried though. The used CD store I used to go to has a larger collection of LP’s than CD’s now and prices keep climbing. I’ll have to get out my elbow pads for the garage sales next summer I guess.

  • Batshitbox

    The Carburetor.
    Are there any motorcycles still using carbs? Kymco’s larger scooters are fuel injected, but the 50cc scoots still have a carb. Hyosung seems to use FI on everything. The Honda Grom seems to have a carb, but the CBR300 is a fuelie, as is the Kawasaki Ninja 300. Even the Yamaha WR450 dirt bike is a fuelie.