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User Input: I Never Joke About My Work, 007

Image cribbed from Time Tapestry, although I have no idea if it is originally theirs.

Image cribbed from Time Tapestry, although I have no idea if it is originally theirs.

Today’s launch of Spectre in theatres marks the end of the Daniel Craig era of James Bond movies. One distinctive trait of these series of movies was their habit of moving away from the traditionally over-the-top gadgets and gizmos. In the interests of realism, and in maintaining the audience’s suspension of disbelief in this post-iPhone, post-Google-Glass, post-Nest-thermostat world. Let’s face it, we now have most of the gadgets that Bond was so proud of in his previous movies. The amazing things that he could do with his cellular phone in the early Pierce Brosnan Bond movies are fairly common-place today. In-car video calling? So common, most jurisdictions have outlawed it as a safety hazard.

So there’s something refreshing about the James Blonde movies taking such a huge, dramatic step away from the gadgets, and focusing more on the characters, their motivations, and those feeling-things that you humans have.

Now, I think it’s safe to say that the Aston Martin above was the greatest Bond gadget of all time. Not only was it a gorgeous car, but all of the spy gadgets shown in the movie are actually built-in to the car, with the exception of the ejector seat. Okay, yes, the machine guns are just flash-bang replicas, but… they are still there.

So other than the obvious answer, what James Bond gadget from the 50 years of movies would you most want in your life?

  • As I recall, everyone involved with Atomic Toasters, without exception, likes autogyros.

    • Dearthair

      They’re fantastic! Of course we all love autogyros, how could we not?

      • Highmileage_v1

        An Airfix model? Sure! The real thing? Umm, maybe when we have functioning anti-gravity safety devices….

  • CruisinTime

    Pussy Galore.

    • Mr_Biggles

      Wait, was that the obvious answer or was he talking about the car?

  • B72

    Wait – you’re telling me some of those things were actually real?

    • Batshitbox

      Yep! On the Aston Martin and on Honor Blackman!

  • 0A5599

    I want a flying car. I’m sure when Golden Gun came out, these would have seemed easily production ready by the dawn of the 21st century, while a phone/tracking device/video camera/fart machine smaller than a pack of cigarettes would still be the stuff of science fiction.

  • More than any one gadget, I would really love to have my gadgets actually work, as intended, when needed. Maybe its just me but I just have the feeling that if I was being chased by baddies and said, “Siri, call Moneypenny,” the response I’d get would be, “There are 5 money machines near you. They do not take incoming phone calls. I will now recite the GPS coordinates for them. I will do it slowly and will ignore your attempts to get me to end this task.”

  • HycoSpeed
  • Helge Hafting

    The Aston Martin is nice. Contrary to what the image states, the “map system” is possible without GPS. Radio navigation was tried out long before satellites. (One of many ways of locating WWII submarines.) The bond car would work with some support infrastructure: Radio operators track the target transmitter and the car transmitter; and send a radio signal back to the car so the map device can move the map and the blinking dot. (Microfilm projector for the maps, electric lights for the dots. Alternatively, a small TV, but it looks more like a projector in the movie.) Continous triangulation require at least two listening posts with some staff – certainly doable on 1960’s MI6 budget.