Shutdown: Two TVs!!


As a one tv family, with no cable, no satellite, no such way to watch that televised spectacle yesterday, this seemed appropriate.

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  • Felis_Concolor

    Having transported a Compaq luggable computer system on several occasions in the 80s, I feel that woman's pain keenly; those damn things are meant to be moved from table to table, or table to car trunk, not terminal to terminal.

    I wager most AWA salesmen worked diligently on their pitch, the better to sell one of those things before someone took 20 steps with a demo model in hand and realized just how impractical they were.

    • Mr_Biggles

      I dunno. You think she's in pain from carrying that thing? I can't help but notice the size of her…muscles…

    • A Compaq? How do you hope to keep up?

      [youtube 5PygDf6E94o youtube]

      • Felis_Concolor

        Oooh, I am jealous! Those were outstanding mini machines – and had a superior selection of games to choose from.

        Nearly Lost Knowledge department: the cartridge expansion socket in Commodore computer systems of the 80s could be fitted with a dial up modem. In an interface brain fart of massive magnitude, the programmers decided to parse all lowercase entries as direct modem commands, forcing any on screen conversations to use ALL CAPS as the default. This led to my early obscure (and only appreciated once) joke regarding people on Compu$erve's CB $imulator speaking in all caps as "maybe they're still using a C64 to access the system."

        Yes, I would occasionally change my handle to NO CARRIER in order to boot people off the system whenever they did a channel directory search.

    • Even as a kid I knew that 'portable' TVs were just regular TVs with a handle on top.

      Also, I don't care how impractical she is, I'd be happy to take more than 20 steps hand-in-hand with the demo model!

      • sawer-massey

        Do you mean now, or then? She looks say 18 in the 60's. Just sayin' lol

      • OA5599

        My dad kept one of these portables on his desk until at least the late 90's.

        Not just a regular TV with a handle, but it took something like 8 D-cell batteries and had a giant power adapter hanging off the side, so it probably weighed about the same as one.

        [youtube v4Ao9cPZZFA youtube]

    • jserf

      Aww, I miss my Compaq luggable.

      • Felis_Concolor

        My 1st gen model ended up becoming significantly heavier once I upgraded it with an Intel Inboard 386 card. I added the +4MB of memory, math coprocessor and a pair(!) of Quantum's Plus Development 20M Hardcards, along with a multi-I/O card and a spiffy EGA video card, which necessitated adding a monitor atop the system case as replacing the internal monochrome screen would have been prohibitively pricey.

        That was my first "Frankenstein's Monster" computer. I would eventually create 3 other systems along those lines, dubbing them "Frankie II/III/IV."

        I also had fun confounding people who said I had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned using a 386XT. "All 386s have 16 bit expansion slots; you have a 386AT." "Go ahead and bring your 16 bit expansion card over and try installing it in my case; you're going to need a crowbar and tesseract to make it fit."

  • jserf

    You're a better man than I; I've inexplicably managed to acquire more televisions than residents in my household. Shameful, really.

    Although it does come in handy when the gang comes over to play Artemis.