Shutdown: Depths of Fashion

Underwater Fashion

My favorite is the steel barrel with the bare sleeves!

Image via carabaas.

  • skitter

    A sword (top left) is a surprisingly credible threat if an aquanaut uses airlines from the surface. But the divers with SCUBA only have to stay outside the range of his line. And the one in the tank has almost nothing to fear. Which is good, because he'd never see it coming anyway. Brave new world for the man in black.

  • sawer-massey

    The executioner is my favourite by far. I can picture him windmilling with the sword and axe at his soviet counterpart with some intense dialogue that neither could understand in the bubble translations.

  • Tiller188

    [Bottom-right]: So that's where Cherno-Alpha ended up.

  • nanoop

    I am not claustrophobic, but window diameters over 2" seem not a bad idea.

  • It's Poseidon's Pneumatic Promenade.