Shutdown: Can It Be Done?


Maybe someday, perhaps.

Image via carabaas.

  • sawer-massey

    Does anyone actually use ereaders? I always just thought of them as over specialized tablets. Do people use both tablets and ereaders?

    • Tiller188

      I have and enjoy a Kindle reader. I do think that the e-ink display is easier on the eyes (well, provided the ambient light is good enough) than a tablet screen, and it allows for pretty impressive battery life. I can see how it could be considered an over-specialized tablet, but I came at it from the other side of the market: I had no real interest in all the features of a tablet, but a lightweight, compact uber-book that could replace the multiple hardcopy books that would typically take up space in my luggage on a trip? That's a useful thing, and it is the one thing that a Kindle does very well.

    • I have two Kindles. One is a non-backlit e-ink version, the other is a Fire HD tablet. If I am actually reading electronic books in good ambient light, I use the e-ink. If am reading in bed at night with the lights off, or playing Scrabble/surfing the web, I use the Fire.

    • sawer-massey

      I suppose I stand corrected. I imagine I am just bias against them because I can't use electronics at work (the one place an e-reader would win out over analog books for me) something about coal trains and passenger trains mixing set off a dislike for electronics in our industry.

    • Felis_Concolor

      As a fan of electronic paper technology, I am pleased to announce my acquisition of the holy grail of electronic reading devices; Kobo's Aura H2O.

      Several decades after I wondered how to make an affordable waterproof book, I am now ready to engage in the wonderful pastime of soaking in the tub and enjoying a favorite tome, this time without the risk of immersion.

      For normal electronic reading duties I continue to use my beloved Kobo Aura HD, which boasts a significantly larger screen and an excellent long life side lighting system.

  • I'd be pretty happy with the resolution and range of viewing angle implied by that sketch. Maybe someday, perhaps.

  • What's most notable is that electronic newspapers and dirigibles were expected to be around concurrently.

  • nlpnt

    Can It Be Monetized?