Shutdown: APC vs. Tank


Although the after picture of the tank might just look identical to the before.

Image via highpowerrocketry.

  • nanoop

    "Although the after picture of the tank might just look identical to the before." That's why they shoot it again right away!

  • fodder650

    "Hey we need an armored personal carrier that can carry 12"
    "No problem"
    "Can you give it some protection?"
    "Um.. it has armor"
    "No i mean like a 25mm gun?"
    "Sure but now it can only carry 10"
    "Fine do it. No wait how about giving it the ability to kill tanks with TOW missiles"
    "Sure but now it will only be able to carry 8 people"
    "Great! Does it really need to carry soldiers? Was that part of the mission"
    "It's an armored personal carrier. So I guess not"

  • FЯeeMan

    Yay! We're back on the air!!!

    /missed the memo… 🙁

  • Some kids in San Francisco have been having a little bit of fun tracking their bicycle rides using GPS. This is from… well, you don't have to guess.

    <img src="; width=600>

    • FЯeeMan
      • For no good reason, IntenseDebate consistently appends that img tag to the end of a link which follows an image. It's always necessary to immediately edit one's own comment in order to remove it before someone "locks" it with a response. Once edited, the link remains okay.

        • It's actually for a very good reason: Someone programmed it to do that. Garbage in, garbage out.

      • Thanks! I'm aware of the img tag bug, like mdharrell says, but I don't always test the links.