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Name That Plane!


Some time ago, I signed up for access to the government’s surplus auction website, which had changed a little since then but is now govliquidation.com. What hasn’t changed are the fun emails that they send me daily highlighting newly posted auctions. I have actually yet to purchase anything just yet, despite want to bid on probably 80% of the surplus, just because it is cool! Last night, I got an email titled “Mixed Metals & Burning Slag Available Now“, which doesn’t sound all that compelling, but I was curious just what burning slash might be, so I clicked on to read the whole email. Lo, what do I discover but this as one of the items: “53,000lbs Mixed Metals Flight Simulator“.

Couple that with a tiny thumbnail of the picture you see above, and now you have my interest! The text of the ad reads: “53,000 lbs. (approx.) demilitarization required Flight Safety Services Corp. & CAE Electronics Ltd. PN MA140500-01-2-845 flight trainer simulator SN 0001WST has ABB mdl unknown hydraulic power pack control panel, lot includes catwalk, shelving, interface cabinet units, electric cable wire, hydraulic lines, leveling pads. Main simulator dimensions 264″ x 164″ x 136″, power panel dimensions 80″ x 96″ x 74″. NSN 6930015558064. All scrap under this contract requires mutilation by the buyer prior to removal and must be witnessed by DOD personnel. Title to the material does not pass to the buyer until the scrap has been mutilated. Buyer agrees to allow USG personnel to witness destruction. Removal and processing of property will begin no later than 5 days from the date of receiving paid invoice. **Please open surveillance plan for all mutilation guidance**

The question is, what plane is it? Since we still have the comment drama, you’ll all just have to have self-satisfaction on this one, but hey, it should still be fun!


[As a side note, this post carries the same title as last night’s Hooniverse Last Call, which is purely coincidental, but makes me think it is all the more appropriate!]

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