I Heard You Like Space

My kids happen to all be huge fans of the Disney Buddies franchise. Now, I would imagine side of you probably missed out on the whole Buddies thing and have no idea what I am talking about, so let me briefly explain. At some point in the 90s, Disney made a movie about a dog, a golden retriever to be specific, that could play sports. And then he could do more things, which meant more movies. Then, they hit on the true genius of the form, the only thing cuter than a golden retriever doing human things and talking–golden retriever puppies talking and having adventures. To date, there have been something like 12 Buddies movies made (I have no idea what the actual number is, but it is seriously a bunch, they are trying to give The Land Before Time a run for their money), and one of those movies just happens to involve space. And a Russian space dog that gets rescued from Mir. Also, one of the friends from the Drew Carey show lives on Mir and is crazy Russian cosmonaut!

My point with all this being, the dogs in said film wear cheesy, fake looking space suits. But there have been actual dogs sent to actual outer space wearing actual pressure suits! And now, thanks to to victory of capitalism over communism, you have the chance to own one! You will have to hurry, because the auction it’s this weekend! And in Berlin.


Auctionata has acquired one of the spacesuits worn by Soviet space dogs Belka or Strelka, who were launched into orbit on August 19, 1960 during a Sputnik-5 mission and returned safely back to Earth the next day. It is believed this suit was worn by one of the dogs while training for the flight.

Manufactured by official Soviet (and now Russian) space equipment supplier RSC Energia, the suit is made from cotton, nylon, rubber and aluminum – the helmet is not included though the suit features a metal neck ring onto which the helmet would be attached.

The suit is designed with adjustable laces running along its length that ensure it will fit comfortably on dogs of various sizes. It also has a zipper along the belly and an attached tube to supply a flow of oxygen during missions.


Via, where you can find more pictures!

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