Gumdrop Meets Spider

Gumbdrop meets Spider

Apollo 9 will probably never be remembered by the general population like Apollo 13 (thank you Forrest Gump) and Apollo 11 (thank you Walter Cronkite). However, it was an important step before man could walk on the moon. It was in the crawling phase and merely orbited our blue marble. Apollo 9 was the third manned Apollo mission. It was the second flight of the Saturn V rocket. It was the first flight to include the Command/Service Module with the Lunar Module. The three man crew — made up of Commander James McDivitt, Command Module Pilot David Scott, and Lunar Module Pilot Rusty Schweickart — tested the docking maneuver necessary to reorient the CSM and LM from their launch configuration to “circle the moon and land and hopefully make it back” configuration. That’s where this photo comes in. CMP David Scott is standing in the open hatch after mating the CSM, named Gumdrop, to the LM, named Spider. The photo was taken by LMP Schweickart who was also performing an EVA to spend some time on the LM “porch”.

I wonder if he was sipping tea.

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