Atomic Hangovers

We Still Like You


Likely some of you have noticed that not only has the site been slow, but now you can’t even comment on the posts that are there! We do apologize for the troubles and hope to have it all sorted soon. It seems that some of the seedier elements of the webs got their grubby paws through an exploit of some sort and were causing a to-do in the server whatsits. According to our very good friend and master of that dark server arts Mr. Mad_Science, these troubles were the cause of Toasters and Hooniverse being briefly down Friday.

Root cause was us, Atomic Toasters, being behind the power curve on behind the scenes updates, and bringing shame upon both our houses via a vulnerability to an exploit that was exploited. Plus, “at the same time (maybe related, maybe not), AT was, and is still getting hammered with tons of comment spam. This got so bad that I had to disable comments over there. They’ll stay off until this passes.

Part of the problem is that even if a comment is caught in the filter, the bot still hits the comment function (post-comment.php) to generate it. Do this once per second and the hardware gets unhappy.”

Thanks everyone for your patience, the folks that know what they are doing are working hard to get us where we need to be. Next up, getting to work on that pesky content issue!

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