Startdown: I Want to Vacuum


I came across this ad on the Craigslist just the other day: 65,000 Electron tubes. Amplifier / Radio tubes – $9999999. Before you get too worried, it is okay, they don’t actually want 9 billion dollars or however much that it. They do want to try to sell you all those tubes for the low low price of $25000. Which, while actually a mentally conceivable sum of money, is probably just as unrealistic as 9 billion for most of us. I also am not a huge fan of trying to sell anything on the internet without a picture, but they are supposed to be forthcoming! (I had to just google the webs for the lead image.)

Large collection of tubes and testers.
Brands include
Hickok telefunken Mullard, Rca Ge sylvania tungsol GEC Brimar philips Amperex Western electric and others.
Many types of tubes. Including gold pin audio tubes and some rare antique power tubes
over half are 6 volt tubes Example; 6ak5 6as6 6bq5 6aq5 6sn7 6sl7 6922 6av6 6v6 6k6 6l6 5702 420a 403a 2c51 6ba6 5687 6cg7 42 43 45 26 27 80
also 1000s of 12ax7 12au7 12at7 6111 12sn7 12sl7 12sc7 12sj7 12ac7 6112 12bh7 12by7
other tubes 274a 274b 201 301 6×4 5y3 5u4 5r5 6ca4 6×5 6au5 6ac7 6bk7 845

Over 30,000 tubes in this load NIB new in boxes
All the tubes should be good at least 98% of all the tubes will work great
Note: many types not listed
Serious buyers only.
Asking $25,000 OBO Valuable tube lot. This is an Estate audio tube collection .
Also including a few tube testers and other amplifier parts and equipment.
Will list photos soon.

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