Idiotic or Inspired?

Saturday Star


Star radial that is, and quite the diminutive one at that! Right after the jump, check out a video of a double star radial engine, built by José Manuel Hermo Barreiro “Patelo”. “10 cylinders and 10 longitudinal camshafts drafts to 36º. It´s made with artisanal methods.It has variable pitch propeller, works with compressed air and with only 0,2 kg/cm2. The diameter of the cylinders is 18 mm and the stroke of the pistons is 16 mm. The displacement is 40,7 cm3. Probably it´s the smallest double star engine of the world.” I don’t know about you, but ‘probably‘ is good enough for me! There is some very impressive tiny workmanship here, so take a look!

Video from YouTube, via the Green Box.

  • This guy has built some pretty nice little model motors. I think Hooniverse Forums (you thought AT was sparsely populated) had a thread about them.

    Why he doesn't go full internal combustion is a bit of a mystery, since his engines aren't any smaller than some RC plane and helicopter motors. My pal theorized that it was because he'd have to machine trickier alloys and maintain tighter tolerances, which makes sense.

    • Noah

      I'm wondering about the timing to run off of air vs. internal combustion. The intake stroke effectively becomes your power stroke. From there you don't really need compression & combustion so a 2-cycle model is probably going to be the best.

    • Funny you mention the Forums, I totally was just over there the morning I posted this, pretty much because I saw it in my favorites and thought, "it's been awhile, I wonder what's going on over there?" Also, I wonder that about the Hooniverse Marketplace as well, I thought 20 bucks for a write up and a pretty wide audience was a good deal, but not much seems to pop up there.

      And I am of course holding out hope that one day out very own Atomic Toasters will make a triumphant return! By triumphant I mean, much less infrequently posted, and a doubling in readership from 5 to ten. Maybe we can make some Toasters Gold shirts for everyone that has stuck around through this sad slowdown…

  • Also, Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster!

    It has to work, because it's name is four trochees!!!!

    <img src="; width=640>

    Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster!
    Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster!
    Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster!

  • sawer-massey

    I can't recall the website, but those gifs of explanation of engines are amazing! I remember trying to explain engines to Mrs. Sawyer-Massey and using one of those. She got it then, but couldn't tell you now how it works…*sigh*

    • I could never picture how a radial engine worked until I went to the Hiller Aircraft Museum and asked to see their cutaway of one (which was in the shop for some work.) The scales fell from my eyes, I tell ya!

      Animated GIFs are sure easier to construct and popularize than cutaway models. Not nearly as cool, but very useful.

      I also never understood the velocity changes a piston goes through while riding on a crank until I tried to make a Flash animation of one. Kind of a facepalm moment.

  • FЯeeMan

    Dude, don't worry about it, my dad is a micro-aircraft engine mechanic. He has a bitchin' set of tools!