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Drones are like, the future man, but occasionally they can take some cool pictures of old stuff too. (As an off topic aside, anyone remember when drones were just called radio-controlled aircraft?) Up in Washington state there is a leftover nuclear power plant project, never completed.

Construction on Satsop, Washington’s nuclear power plant began in 1977 and stopped in 1983 after the project ran out of money. The reactor was never brought online, and the shell of it has been sitting there ever since. It has been set to be demolished since 1995, but as you can see, that never happened. (motherboard)

Video from Braden Roseborough, via motherboard, and image via nucleartourist.

  • sawer-massey

    Just remember to never be around when a drone takes an upper…you will never hear the end of it.

  • I know people who are really annoyed by all the 'drones' (Hyco is right, they're RC aircraft, I would expect a drone to have a bit more autonomy) flying around Burning Man with Go-Pro cameras on them.

    Solution: Currently experimenting with Nerf missile launchers modified with a really long bit of monofilament attached. With a bit of skill, luck, or a large enough number of missiles some pretty spectacular prop fouling can occur.

    Bonus: Free Go-Pros falling from the sky!

    • Blue

      Use FireLine. Smaller and tougher.

      Also gloves, because it is cuttier too.

    • If Amazon ever started using drones I would just consider them part of the packaging and keep them.

  • Blue

    That is mostly, almost entirely, the cooling tower.
    The reactor itself is not seen, It is inside the round dome building in the still shot. The one w the rust colored roof that apparently never got its concrete.

  • The biggest drawback of those four-rotor camera drones is that the sound they record is usually nothing but the annoying whir of their motors. Amazingly, this guy managed to choose the only musical soundtrack that could make me long for the annoying whir of a four-rotor camera drone.

  • CruisinTime

    A lot of money wasted and only one out of five was finished.Pretty sad.