What Goes Up


The world has been launching satellites into orbit since October 4, 1957, and as you might imagine, they don’t all just stay up there. Instead of just reading through boring list of numbers witg up and down counts, a gentleman by the name of Leon Friedrich has been so kind as to put together the little grarpical animation video you’ll find after the jump. What goes up, sometimes does come down!

Lead image from, video via the Green Box.

  • sawer-massey

    Wow, now my tin foil hat seems too thin, but definitely justified!

  • Adios, Sitemeter! May what pops up burn to cinders on re-entry. Or even sooner.

    I don't know who fixed that annoying bug, but Bruce Dickinson out of Iron Maiden is here with your salutary drink… for being such a Trooper.

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    • FЯeeMan

      I was gonna say something, but you said it so much better!

  • So fewer going up, but more of those staying up in recent years.