Startdown: SpaceW


Other early private space ventures were not quite as successful.

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  • skitter

    In a Google image search for 'Model T Spaceship', there are more results of the Tesla Model S than the car with a production run of 15 million. I'm not entirely sure what to make of that.

    • Is that a sort of advertising slogan for the Model S? I guess I am not totally hip to the electric happenings out of Tesla, but if that's the angle they are working, I guess the slogan works. Either that or Google is somehow disappointed that no one ever built an actual Model T Spaceship.

      Or, it is possible that you have stumbled upon a way to predict the future using Google Images and carefully constructed searches, and that now we know one day the Model S Spaceship will be as ubiquitous as the Model T once was. Perhaps some investing is in order!

  • wisc47

    It's shopped.