Startdown: Saturnal Aurora


They are like the Earth’s auroras, only in a slightly different spectrum. Plus Saturnier!

Image via NASA.

  • FЯeeMan

    So, why do I get a prompt now to enter a user name & password for http:// every time I open a new page?

    Not that I mind, since canceling means I'm not getting logged, but it does pique the curiosity…

    • I sent that complaint in to tips, engineerd replied and said 100% of the available technicians are 100% on the job!

      • FЯeeMan

        So, it'll be a while…


      • FЯeeMan

        I fear that by requesting that this be fixed, we've broken the rest of AT… Now there's no IntenseDebate login prompt or new posts…

        • Are these still popping up? I saw Batshit's note come across the complaint desk, but for some reason I get no pop-ups when I leaf the page. I did a bit of investigating and was surprised to find that sitemeter is apparently legitimate, and used by such paragons of internet power as [redacted] and [shedacted]. Also, several blog-type sites had the same complaint of pop-ups that came from somewhere for sitemeter. One was because of some sort of html code line inserted into the guy's site, which I no way have the power or knowledge to manipulate here at Toasters.

          The lack of new posts, well, I think that's because of ushb#wyhb¥^………

          • Yep. They pop up pretty much whenever I try to do anything. One will pop up when I press "Submit Comment" right now.

            Win7 and Firefox 19.0.2, WinXP and Firefox 28, and a Mac of unknown OS with Firefox all do it, too.

          • FЯeeMan

            Hmmm… All the Firefox mentions got me thinking…. Win 7 Firefox 30.0 here.

            Same Win 7, Chrome 35.something and all is good.

            On Firefox, I'm running:
            AdBlock Plus 2.6.3 (turned off for the Toasterverse, of course -y'all gotta get $ somewhere)
            Chatzilla 0.9.x
            Evernote Web Clipper 5.9.1
            FoxToPhone 1.2.4
            Greasemonkey 1.15
            Pastebin 3.0
            SocialFixer 10.1
            TinEye 1.1

            Any of those in common, BSB?

          • I have zero add-ons 'cause I just got this machine. I can borrow my homie's Win8 + Chrome setup and see what happens.

          • I don't see the pop-ups, although I don't really know why. I use mainly Chome on my Android phone, maybe that makes a difference. I thought perhaps I wasn't seeing them because I was logged in to the site as an editor, but logging out resulted in no change other than, well, being logged out and not seeing the giant spam queue. As far as I can tell Sitemeter is a legitimate thing, and that sometimes when they change something in the coding of their page counters it causes problems that make different parts of the internet complain. If we use Sitemeter to track stats, I don't really know, and I don't seem to have the 5th level wizard status to get that far behind the scenes here to attempt to remove the counter and fix the glitch. That isn't really an answer, I will be of course forwarding my concerns to both management and the help desk. Thanks for putting up with stupid pop-ups every time you click anywhere, and we will keep working to get it fixed.

  • "…Auroras, only in a slightly different spectrum. Plus Saturnier!"

    Wasn't that pretty much the Aura?

    <img src="; width="500">