Startdown: A Real Airport!

Modern Mechanix Bimp Airport


And, somehow solar-powered!


Image via Dark Roasted Blend.

  • My own group's efforts to launch heavier-than-air craft from lighter-than-air craft this last weekend didn't go well. Despite our earlier successes at Black Rock under mild springtime conditions, this time we learned that weather balloons don't enjoy being in the desert above, oh, around 90°F or so. When held at ground level for more than about ten to twenty minutes, they swell, distort, and pop. Inasmuch as it took us longer than this to work towards assembling a cluster of them with all the necessary apparatus for launching rockets attached, we were doomed.

    A crew from the Discovery Channel (Canada) captured our efforts, so there may be a very public airing of the event forthcoming.

    • skitter

      Try launching your rockets against the wind.
      That way they won't need as long a runway on top of the balloons to achieve liftoff.

      No thanks are necessary.

      • Our backup plan involved kites. Later in the day we had too much wind for balloons but, as we also learned, not quite enough wind for our kites. The Canadians should have some lovely footage of one rocket dangling upside-down, hopping across the sand on its nosecone.

        • Vairship

          Can you tie two rockets back-to-back, one launching the pair upward, the other then shooting down? It should at least add even more slapstick entertainment!

  • Don Karnage, the early years.

  • Well, we did get this with the USS Akron and the USS Macon
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