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Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


It is really quite amazing the sheen variety of goods that someone can acquire and then not be able to get rid of, and decide to hand out free. Here at AT, we like to start our Sunday mornings out taking a look at such free items from online classifieds like the Craigslist, especially that stuff that is bits of obscure technology. But especially items that are just completely out there that you never would have expected, and our big winner found just such a thing. Or well, things, whatever, hit the jump and check it out!

Commenter Extraordinaire OA5599 found an ad for free condoms, which,  admittedly isn’t all that crazy–until you get down to the quantity. 1/2 a million condoms is certainly a whole lot of condoms. How does one end up with such a quantity, what does the claimant do that goes and picks up such a quantity? So many questions, ahem, arise from such an ad. “Serious inquiries only, please.”

  • OA5599

    Happy Father's Day.

    Video Golf Arcade Game (Lino lakes)

    this is an expensive golf game….but I am not going to carry it back into my basement! Test your putting skills with this fun game. The "play fiend " raises and tilts to make each putt unique and challenging….the video monitor not only keeps score but animates the results of your putts in a fun fashion. The game does work and play as it should….but….there are a couple of issues that I inherited with the game when I bought it. Under the play field there is a rubber motor driven track that returns putted balls to the "next ball" gateway. The wiring was cut on this where I bought it and I never cared enough to figure out how it gets hooked up. In the same sense…..the gateway that opens and closes to let a new ball in also has disconnected wires. I never put the effort into trying to fix this…..and my fix was to simply install manual switches that I would turn on to operate those systems. It worked great…but we're removed when I had to disassemble this beast to move it into our storage pod a few weeks ago. These are the only known problems and other than reassembling it… have the best deal for free you will ever get. The machine and all the parts are located at the end of the driveway and in front of the storage pod it was stored in. If you don't see it…….someone beat you to it…..and there would be no need to come to the door. You will definitely need a decent size truck and help…as these parts are heavy…..very heavy….thus why it is disassembled as much as it is! Best free Father's Day present you can get dad for free.

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  • This should just about cover it:

    Spaceship/Treehouse/Bus/Tent/Submarine/Pit o Doom/Airplane/Outer Space (Haller Lake)

    I have the following for FREE:

    * Spaceship
    * Tree House
    * Fairy Cave
    * Bus
    * Tent
    * Submarine
    * Hideout
    * Pit of Doom
    * Airplane
    * Outer Space
    * Tank
    * Designer Dream Home
    * Castle
    * Cave
    * 4 Wheeler
    * Mini Condo
    * School

    …. or anything else you can imagine.

    Also comes with scraps that can be used for spare parts, extra guns, fairy wands, hats, armor, wings, etc.

    <img src="; width="500">

    Banana not included. That's apparently just for scale.….