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Congratulations! It’s Twins!

Ercoupe twin 1

Fodder’s post on the Ercoupe stimulated my research juices, especially that image of the twin, so it was off to the googles! This intriguing machine was the work of Grady Thrasher, of  the Thrasher Brothers Aerial Circus, back in 1946. It came about the way many such projects do, sitting around on a rainy day looking at your plane and the parts plane you bought, and thinking to yourself, what if I just stuck those together? Thrasher took the right wing off one plane, the left off the other, got a hold of some high strength bolts from a DC-6, and there you have it. Even back in that era, he did attempt to check the strength of the engineering prior to flight, even reaching out to ERCO to get the original engineering data (not forthcoming, according to Thrasher). The finished product ended up being quite successful, and as one of the first (or perhaps the first) light twin in the US, helped in the development of aircraft like the Beech Twin Bonanza. Check out the gallery below for more images, as well as a letter from Grady Thrasher discussing the project, and a portion of an article from Private Pilot magazine, and hit the just for a short video with some Aerial Circus action!

Below is a little glimpse of photos and video from the days of the Thrasher Brothers Aerial Circus, from the trailer for the film “World’s Smallest Airport, ” a documentary made by Sunnybank Films (Website for the film at Fast forward to 1:26 to see the twin Ercoupe!



Letter and Private Pilot article portion via, images from and

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