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Technology comes and goes, and sometimes a product or tool or super-mega-future bomber lasts only a few years before it gets eclipsed by the next big thing. Last week, in a sort of round about discussion* about post ideas and spam, skitter and I kicked around the idea of new technology as a rebuttal of existing technology, with the initial thought a focus on changes from bombers to ICBMs. Then it occurred to me, there is also the opportunity to refute the argument entirely, and say the more things change, the more they stay the same. Are the strategic long range B-2s of today really all that different than the strategic long range B-36s of yore? Evolution of technology of revolution? Let us know your thoughts, perhaps we can stimulate a little weekend discussion! To help get those intemperate thoughts in the right frame of reference, hit the just an enjoy some classic Convair B-36 Peacemaker footage from the classic film Strategic Air Command!


Lead image via, and video via bangshift.

*As a side not, I read back over my intro paragraph last week, and it sounded a little more doom and gloom than I intended. The site has hit a bit of a slowdown in recent months, but we are plugging through, and I intend to keep giving you at least little bits of content on the weekends to keep you entertained! My ‘running low on ideas’ comment was intend to describe only the What Ever Became of… feature, not the Toasters Weekend in general! So, please keep the comments coming, and we will keep plugging away, and sooner than you know it Atomic Toasters will be back to its daily time suck self! -HycoSpeed

  • cruisintime

    # 5734 for the win.

  • Well I'll be. As a long-time admirer of Peacemakers, Coronados, Hustlers, Deltas both Dart and Dagger, it never occurred to me that Convair was a contraction of Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation.

    I'm disgusted with myself.

    • Don't beat yourself up. I kept thinking I was getting junk mail from some outfit called Government Employees Insurance Company. Then I made a noise like Edith Bunker when I figured it out.

      • It took me a US vacation and being bombarded with advertising to figure out what this GEICO I kept hearing about actually was…

        • Number_Six

          I dig the trivia in names like that for some reason.

          Avro = founder Alliott Verdon Roe (what ever happened to those monikers?)

          Similary, I had no idea that MBB included the remains of Blohm + Voss.

    • Well, I thumbed up this, because I wholeheartedly approve of learning new things. You learn something everyday, they say, and I usually try to get it out o the way early in the day so I can just coast. But, well, I feel bad that I by association thumbed up your self-disgust. So chin up! It's fun to learn!

      Also, speaking of learning things, I really enjoyed your Hooniverse piece on Donald Campbell’s Bluebird K7, which I knew little about, and also Marillion’s Out Of This World, which I knew nothing of. Really top notch! I spent a good bit of quality time perusing the Bluebird Project website the other day, and happen to be sampling additional Marillion songs on the tubes of you right now. So, thanks!!