Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


It is time again to take a look at some of the glorious free old-tech swag available on the webs! Go onto your favorite local online or print classifieds, or just drive down the street in the evening after garage sale time, and see what sort of quality merchandise is being given away free. Then share woth all of us in the comments!

Last week was a little slow, so I thought today I would share a few things that have recently come up in my neck of the woods!


i have a cassette tape duplicator machine you can have. has a place for the master tape and copies 4 at a time. the piece where the power cable plugs in is busted… would be easy to fix if you know how to solder.

This ad has been up about a week and a half or so, and I emailed, but no response. The ad is still up, but probably was just forgotten.


“pencil rod steel wood fabric lightening bolts”

Regrettably I didn’t save the ad copy on this one, but those fabric covered lightning bolts are like 10 feet long!

And here’s one with no pictures, but the ad is still up:

Soda and snack vending machine. Been sitting on my patio for a few years, covered with a tarp and under an awning. Not sure how it work at this present time. It only takes coins, and is leopard print.