Saturnday Morning

Cassini Vimeo

Saturday morning has always been about cartoons, so tv, which in the future of which we live means internet videos. And therefore, let’s watch a video! this particular video was created by one Chris Abbas by compiling still images collected by the Saturn Cassini probe, and setting it to some mildly darkish Nine Inch Nails (purely instrumental, no singing, in the event you aren’t into the resonating Reznor). To me it has a nice 2001 type vibe, which might be a little melancholy for Saturday morning, but hey, that’s why it’s Saturnday instead!



Video created by Chris Abbas and well, the Cassini Imaging Science System, discovered via nerdcore.


  • cruisintime

    SATURNday is nice,Hope you have something for SUNday and MOONday as well.

  • It seems like a lot of static and scratchiness has been added to this. The Cassini images are a lot clearer.

    There's another animation made from Cassini images; by Stephen van Vuuren

    [youtube PA9iIqIAUT4 youtube]

    Evidently he has or is trying to make an IMAX version using these techniques. Check out the other videos and trailers he's made using Cassini, Hubbel and other public database images.

    • <img src=""&gt;

      I think that's, you know, like the art.

      Those van Vuuren videos look way nice, I would watch that at an IMAX! And really, the quality of images we are getting back is pretty impressive. The royal we, you know, the various taxpayers all contributing to the cause.

      • It is kinda arty, and that's not a bad thing. The source images are so nice I had to share them, too. At 1:30 you get to say, "That's no space station… That's a small moon!" (Love the needlepoint Dude.)