Apollo 15 Rotational Hand Controller Up For Auction


On July 26, 1971 a Saturn V rocket blasted away from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center en route to Hadley Rille on the moon. Commanded by Dave Scott, Apollo 15 was touted by NASA as the most successful lunar landing to date. It was the first of the “J Missions”, which included a longer stay on the moon’s surface than the earlier missions and a greater focus on science.

Now you can own a piece of that spacecraft.

RR Auctions has been tasked with selling the Rotational Hand Controller used by Dave Scott to land the Lunar Module “Falcon”. It was with this controller that Scott was able to control the LM so that he and Lunar Module Pilot James Irwin could carry out their mission. The RHC was then used to guide the LM back to the Command and Service Module orbiting over their heads and manned by Alfred Worden.

Included in the auction is the complete RHC and a letter of authenticity from Dave Scott including a narrative of his landing on the moon. It’s expected to bring in $300,000, so start saving those pennies!

If you were to win this auction, what would you do with it? Display it next to your authentic light sabers used on the set of Return of the Jedi? Donate it to a museum? Hack it to control your Atari Lunar Lander game?

[Image Credit: RR Auctions]