Something Better: Vacuum Cleaners


There has been a mild discussion, perhaps debate even, if you will, in the house of Hyco recently. Our semi-acceptable vacuum divested itself of some plastic bits that turned out to be integral to its successful operation. As such, the question of what sort of new vacuum to try has come up again. Bagless vs. bagged, canister vs. upright, expensive vs. cheap and disposable (or expensive and disposable for that matter), etc. It really comes down to the fact that here we live in the future, and yet we are stuck with 100+ year old tech involving a big motor spinning a fan to create suction, and trying to somehow encourage that suction to lift up the dirt and dust from the floor. Why don’t we have something better? Lasers somehow, or a way to electro-statically charge the dirt particles and attract them to a collector, or, I don’t know, dust repellent floors that slope just slightly and drive the dirt down to one side of the room and trapped.

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  • KoshNarank

    Simplicity Vacuums. The only vacuum we have had that lasted more than 2 years. They don’t beat up the carpet and the one we have now is 11 years old. It has earned my respect.
    Bag vacuums. Who wants to put all that dust back in air when you clean the vacuum?

  • sawer-massey

    I'm a sucker for the fancy expensive ones, but have yet to convince Mrs. Sawyer-Massey that we need one for the less than 100 square feet of carpet we have.

  • A 1993 Hoover Runabout, the best damn vacuum I've EVER had.

    I spent the effort to research & highest rated the most efficient models available at the time, and found one in the Navy Exchange at N.A.S. Miramar brand new. A weird color, but it had 15.5 cleaning amps, which was the standard of measurement at the time and the most I could find without spending twice the money..

    I brought it home and nothing else has ever come close to getting floors as clean. Everyone who has borrowed it raves about how well it works. Every girlfriend or ex-wife who has used it has tried to make me get rid of it, complaining that it is ugly & too much work to push around. It's outlasted half a dozen exes, numerous roomates who tried to steal it, and all machines that have come after it.

    Half the tool storage clips are busted off, the bag is held together with red duck-tape, and the electrical cord has been patched numerous times but it just keeps on keeping on. Just last month it started to loose some spunk so I changed the belt… the FIRST time in over 20 years. Now it's right back into fighting form.

    We recently sold Super-Spouse's fancy new bagless upright while downsizing for the move to the new place, and brought the good old Runabout instead. This time it was her choice, which stunned us both.

    However, suddenly a challenger has appeared…. she now has her eye on one of them fancy slim new cordless Dyson units.

    <the Runabout cracks its knuckles, narrows eyes> "20 years and counting… bring it on, punk".

    (Just like unit on left, but beat up & covered in red tape)
    <img src="; width="500">

    • Vairship

      When you say "unit on left", you mean the red unit on the left with the 777 on it, and the hose coming out the back, right? Because that would be an AWESOME vacuum cleaner!

  • Felis_Concolor

    Just like my 5 doors or nothing criteria when it comes to automobile shopping, my preferences in vacuums were set early in life and consist of canisters and bags: the high area cleaning versatility of a canister coupled with the no-muss no-fuss disposal of a filled filter bag trump those bagless abominations the market has been sold on in the past 20 years.

    Among the uprights, I'll make an exception for an Oreck if one has the room, but for me it's been National and Electrolux canisters and maybe a Rainbow as long as the bottom tray is cleaned out immediately after use.

  • B72

    We used to have one not unlike this. Somehow it got given away when downsizing. It didn't have a rug beater, but you couldn't beat it on hardwood.

    <img src="×203.jpg&quot;,width=500>

  • monkey_tennis

    Post-war there were rumours that the Russians were working on significant advances in vacuum-cleaner technology at a secret outpost in Cuba …but I never know whether to believe these intelligence reports.
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    • Vairship

      Don't worry, we have our man in Havana working on the case!