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Q³: For Sell


Yard sales are always entertaining for me, and better even are the ones that have some sort of random mystery object. This, well, these, thingys that you see hear, came from the yard sale I mentioned last Quandary time, nearly a month ago. I was too busy haggling over that possibly overpriced Q-Jet to ask what these are, but I did manage to snap a few pictures!


What do you guys think? Let us know the answer in the comments!


As far as that last time goes, it didn’t slow you down or stump you at all! I figured surely at least on person would identify it as a parking lot shock repair, but no such luck! sporttruck was first up with the era and the part usage, and  9_Cyl_Radial even got the aircraft type, with an assist from Slow_Joe_Crow! Very nicely done gentlemen!



Remember, if you happen to have access to any oddball sort of tech related items, or just a blurry camera and an eye for weird photo angles, please don’t hesitate to send your ideas in! Simply email HycoSpeed@gmail.com and throw Q³ in the subject line and I’ll get right on it!

  • You've really raised the bar on this one. I think that's what these things do, maybe in some kind of cattle feeding device?

    EDIT: Kneelers from the backs of pews? Not quite arranged just right, though.

  • sawer-massey

    I believe these to be mounts for shoes at a cobbler's workbench. Something to hold the shoe upside down.

  • BlackIce_GTS

    Reminds me of a press. The loop part goes onto a fixed , and then you press the handle and the disk presses down on the and they .

    I'm thinking of a potato ricer* or a press for a German noodle I cannot spell or pronounce. Spatzle?
    But you'd need a fixed attached to something for the loop which (one of) looks like it has a bearing in it to attach to. And the disc has holes in it. Probably the disc would attach to a surface and the loop is the part that does the thing.

    *Not a rice potatoer. The handle would go the other way.

  • CopterBob

    1800s vintage Turkish ox hoof grouter swivels, but they're missing the frelgnizk handles.

    • Vairship

      It's a fancy wall-mounted folding candelabra.

  • Slow_Joe_Crow

    The bushing in one of them makes me think of an awning bracket or handrail of some sort. It's pretty obvious that the flat piece is bolted to a surface and it seems reasonable to have several in a row with a bar passing through them.

  • OA5599

    Antique toggle clamp. The base is screwed to the work table or jig, and the lever is flipped to hold things in place.

    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9f/Toggle-clamp_manual_vertical_3D_animated.gif"&gt;

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