V’Ger Songs


Ever wonder what it might sound like if the proton count data received by the Voyager space probes was converted to a musical duet? A gentleman by the name of Domenico Vicinanza has done just that, taking measurements from the cosmic ray detectors on Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 at hour intervals, and converting it into two melodies.

I wanted to compose a musical piece celebrating the Voyager 1 and 2 *together*, so used the same measurements (proton counts from the cosmic ray detector over the last 37 years) from both spacecrafts, at the exactly same point of time, but at several billions of kms of distance one from the other.

I used different groups of instruments and different sound textures to represent the two/ spacecrafts, synchronising the measurements taken at the same time. (motherboard)

Hit the jump and give a listen!

Via motherboard, image from NASA.

  • cruisintime

    I have admired these Voyagers since they first set off to explore our tiny corner of our universe. Specks of space dust still sending home signals.

  • texlenin

    You will comply, carbon-based units…..
    and hear your tiny metal postcard
    sing to you the music of the Kosmos
    Like little children peering out of the crib
    wondering "what's outside that door?"

    (it's crap, but I did that in 4 min- cut me some slack)

  • Martin M

    I worked on these spacecraft for years. 180 bits of data at over 13 hours of travel at the speed of light. Top that off by capturing that signal/data with just a 37 meter dish (the BIG ones are 70 meter!).

    • Welcome! I'm glad you found us.

      Yeah, it's pretty incredible when you think of the time/speed/distance that the signals are traveling before we capture them.