The Style of Technology

The Toastalator


Brooks Stevens may have had a hit if he had called it the Toastasooner.

[Image Credit: Milwaukee Art Museum via Retronaut]

  • B72

    The good: toast is less likely to fail to eject.

    The bad: it takes up twice as much counter space with the drawer open.

    Ideally it would be adjustable. "Toastasoonerorlater".

    • Also bad: Toast ejects horizontally, too much spring and toast jumps out onto floor.

  • cruisintime

    Toast is a noble concept
    Burn your stale bread until it is stiff
    And spread your favorite topping

  • cruisintime

    Toast is also popular at midnight screenings of a certain old movie.
    Toast is a word with many meanings.

    • What do you mean, "old" movie? It was only made in 1975.

      Which is now 39 years ago.

      Or, to put it another way, the same age as a movie made in 1936 would have been at the time of its release.

      This is not making me feel better.

      • OA5599

        Put it another way, from a retro-tech perspective. As recently as 1975, major studios were still releasing musicals recorded in monaural sound.

  • Recurveman

    This is obviously a product of the 50's. Is there any way that we can bring the 50's back so that we can have all the cool stuff like this again? I will listen to all ideas regarding bringing the 50's back up to and very much including time travel.