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Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


Chalk this one up to problems of the future, but have you ever noticed the humor in someone typing out a word that sounds similar when spoken, although not the same meaning when typed out? Then you realize that an individual has likely formed an idea in their head all this time what folks are talking about, and in reality they are off on their own sort of wavelength. As an example, one of my favorite ad headlines to see when perusing Craigslist is ‘Free on the Curve‘. Maybe they do indeed live on a bend in the road, but seriously, I believe the phase you are looking for is ‘on the curb‘. Yes, a curb can have a bit of a curved shape, or even be located along a curved part of the road, but they just aren’t the same thing. I mean, you might say, ‘Aunt Mildred got sauced last night and ran off the road on the curve out by Jimmy’s house.’, or that ‘I put the green and orange couch out on the curb hoping someone would take it.’


The moral of all this? Craigslist is a great source of amusement, so get out there this week and find us some great free stuff to share in the comments! You to can have your chance at internet fame! Our big winners in a super close tie last week were OA5599 with some delicious and assuredly unopened oatmeal and $kaycog once again with some wigs, that surely are useful and not icky! Nicely done guys! (The word guys used here in its strictly non-gender specific meaning!)

  • OA5599

    Curve your enthusiasm. While these are not at the Curve, they are still appropriate. Owner is willing to send by mail.

    Blackberry Curve Chargers (Bolton)
    Free Blackberry Curve chargers – one outlet, and one car charger. You can pick up or I can mail them to you if interested.
    <img src=""&gt;

  • $kaycog
    • OA5599

      A place where I worked needed a new roof, and we opted for spray-on foam. Truck-mounted equipment blasted the stuff up to a sprayer, where the workers would cover everything that wasn't air conditioning. It took about two weeks for them to coat everything.

      The guys who did the spraying would come down for breaks and have their clothes and especially shoes covered in foam. The shoes would be wrapped in tape before starting the job, so the foam would break off easier. The clothing wasn't as easy to protect. They said they would buy anything that they could find at garage sales. Shoes got replaced once per week, and pants only lasted a day or two. I'm sure they would consider paint on clothes to not be even a minor nuisance.

  • RahRahRecords

    Free!!! 12 Pack of Pepsi-One!!!! (Ladson)

    Free 12 pack of diet soda. I bought two 12 packs of Pepsi-One, but I don't realllly like it and don't want to throw the rest away. I still have one 12 pack of Pepsi-One left that I'd like to give to someone. Please come for it asap. Please email me how soon you could come for it (no phone numbers please). Thanks!

  • chrystlubitshi

    I've got a couple to post, but my phone doesn't like to paste to ID text fields, so I'll have to wait until I'm on a "real computer"**

    *posted from a Samsung galaxy note 2
    **that's a stab at you Samsung "phablet", not intensedebate

  • B72

    Here's some free used motor oil.….

    And just in case you doubt that it is in fact used motor oil, the listing is kind enough to include a picture. I don't know if the storage bin comes with it. Or if one could pick up the storage bin without spilling the oil. Or why one would want used motor oil of unknown provenance in the first place (from what I hear the biodiesel guys are fussy).

    • FЯeeMan

      My local shop guys burn it in their heater. After selling off 400 gallons of surplus oil last summer (they ran out of room in the tank, and didn't have any place to store more 55 gallon drums of it), they nearly ran out this winter and actually had to buy some.

      • B72

        Sounds like it's more of a liquid asset than I initially gave it credit for!

    • It's also great for painting on an old shed (or anything else made of wood) that you don't want to rot. It works amazingly well too, easily triples the life of an untreated pine board in contact with the ground.

  • B72

    And hailing from VT we have a free bucket of 14 year old grain. But don't get your hopes up, you don't get to keep the bucket.

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  • Vairship

    That sofa, is that the new desert camo version instead of the shrub land camo version shown here? <img src="; width=600>