Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


I recently found a frustrating fact about disposable technology to be relevant to my own life when my all in one printer started showing a print head error and doing nothing else. That frustrating fact would be that buying a new print head, which may or may not fix the problem (it could be that the card where the head interfaces is borked), cost nearly as much as just buying a new one! That, and now I have $100 worth of ink cartridges that only work on the old printer. Craigslist?

The winner from last week was $kaycog with some ladybugs with just one catch, that you have to catch them! As part of her fabulous prize package, we are starting a stamp card of SFSIWI wins, and if she gets ten wins, her 11th is free! Now let’s get to this week’s fun! Share the coolest bits of old tech free for the taking on your favorite online classifieds! So many exclamation marks in this paragraph!!