Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

Sometimes Free Stuff Isn’t Worth It


Yesterday I took the kids into a small local thrift store, just killing time mostly, and so then I of course walked out 30 minutes or so later with two large bags full of stuff. This particular store is one I haven’t been into in about a year, and last time we were in there the nice old lady working the counter gave my kids free stuffed toys. This time, the nice old lady working the counter really wanted to give the kids some VHS tapes, and they mentioned to her that we no longer had a VCR. (It was in the, giant finger quotes here, “high value box” along with our probably just as old DVD player, neither of which would have been worth $5 at a yard sale, but since they were the highlight of our audiovisual set-up they got labeled high value. And then stolen, although probably the thief was instantly regretful when he opened up the box. The only thing I was sad to lose out of the box was the remote to the tv, which is really a sad thing! My kids happen to be just the right age bracket to tell this story to any stranger that might bring up a semi-related topic.) So the kids told the nice old lady they didn’t have a VCR, but that we did have some tapes we couldn’t watch, so of course she mentions she has a VCR for sale, which also of course I had seen already and thought about purchasing for the low price of $5, and then the nice old lady walks over and says, would you buy it for a dollar, to which I could only reply yes! And that’s how I ended up with a new VCR and 4 ‘new’ tapes for the kids to watch.

Congratulations goes to NotJustDucky, the grand supreme champion for last week! He showed us a wicked awesome snow blower that just needed a little work, and hopefully he was able to go and claim! How could you not!? Now get out into the wonderful world of the wide web, and see what sort of free technology-ish stuff you can dig up on your favourite online classifieds!

  • Devin

    Of interest to someone with an odd number of cylinders, which is totally going to be someone here, one spark plug.
    <img src="$T2eC16N,!yEE9s5jE,4JBRoDhn4r+g~~48_20.JPG" width="500">

    • chrystlubitshi

      I could totally use that, my V5 just doesn't run the same without a good sparkplug in at least 3 out of the six cylinders!!!

      • NotJustDucky

        Back in the early '90s when I was working as a parts guy, if somebody came in and asked for five spark plugs, the next question was "what model and year is your Audi?" Then Honda and Volvo came out with their I-5s and screwed the whole thing up.

    • Asking for three BP7ES plugs for my Laverda used to make parts guys pause. Technically, the Laverda went out of production the year before the BMW K75 went into production, so there have always been triples for as long as most of us have been alive; usually just one production model, though.

  • NotJustDucky

    Horray! I'd like to thank my parents, the members of the academy, and the crazy bastard(s) who screwed that thing together in the first place. I didn't make an effort to claim it, for one very good reason: the engine alone is larger than the trunk capacity of my Corolla.

  • As long as we're discussing odd numbers of cylinders and trunk capacities…

    <img src="; width="500">

    I picked up a new engine for the racing SAAB. Some guy approached me at a Swedish car show a couple of weeks ago and said he had a two-stroke engine for sale. His son had rebuilt it as a high-school shop display back in the 1960s and it had been sitting ever since. It's quite orange.

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