Shutdown: Europa


It’s no Lotus, but still a cool picture.

Image from NASA, via redorbit.

  • Europa? And what about The Pirate Twins?

    [youtube yNWPYH-XKpI youtube]

    Fun Fact: Thomas Dolby based this video on the story of The Professor's tumultuous first experiment in building an Emma; way back in 1948, before the idea occurred of growing them in batches to dilute their less desirable tendencies.

    Fun-ish Fact: This is the second video from 1981 I've posted today! Can you find the other one?

    • Slow_Joe_Crow

      thanks you for finding and embedding my immediate reaction to this post.

      • Really? He's surprisingly obscure, I've come to find out. And this was a kind of a B-side. He popped into the science museum I work in when the Mars Rover was big news, and performed a couple of numbers. I was feeling very old when none of the under-thirties knew who he was. The Golden Age Of Wireless really convinced me that New Wave / Synthpop wasn't that awful.

        • OA5599

          Flock of Seagulls played at a club I was at for unrelated reasons. This was a full decade after their heyday, and I suspect the gig didn't pay very much. The band members who still had hair wore normal hairstyles, and I think regular clothes. Without the MTV glam, the synthpop WAS that awful, and I was kind of embarrassed, not so much for me being there, but because the band was better known for being a joke than for musical pioneering.

          On the other hand, I saw DEVO a year or two ago, and they put on an awesome show.

        • Slow_Joe_Crow

          The first album I bought my freshman year of college in 1983 was a cassette of The Golden Age of Wireless so I'm more aware of Thomas Dolby than most. One of Our Submarines is still one of my favorite songs.

  • There's a huge hole in that moon.

    Matter of fact, it looks a lot like something we bought from Ikea.

    • texlenin

      That's no moon…..
      What do we collectively think of the Cosmos reboot?