Shutdown: Comics Guide


Just a little character building help!

Image by Jacob Borshard.

  • Information Presentation is a difficult beast. I think it should be its own college level course This fellow has done a good job of classifying heroes and villains about as well as Gary Gygax (is that even a real last name?) did in his Dungeons and Dragons game.

    This all works well when you're dealing with human manufactured systems like algebra and D&D. The other day I was trying to come up with a vague timeline of three cylinder motorcycle production and I couldn't even break it down by years/marques of manufacture. The real world hard evidence was not available to me through the internet. The Bastards. The qualifiers regarding 2-stroke/4-stroke, racing/production, 120 crank/180 crank, air/liquid cooling never even entered the picture before I gave up.

    • Vairship

      Clearly there is an urgent, previously unidentified need for this information! Start your own 3 cylinder motorcycle online searchable database and make millions!