Shutdown: Adventures in Fiction


By the author of “Electric Bob”, because no one else could do such a tale justice!

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  • Number_Six

    What is the sequel called?
    – Electric Bob and the Turbine Terrapin of Tehran, or Let's Have a Coup
    – Electric Bob and the Kool Aid "Greatest Hits"
    – Electric Bob Rides Again, or Where Did I Park that Ostrich?
    – Electric Bob and the Outsourcing of Doom, or Lost in Bangalore

  • CopterBob

    Electric Bob and the Malevolent Mechanical Mallard: Quack of Doom

  • texlenin

    Electric Bob Hits the Road, or Where'd You Put the Soup Can?
    Electric Bob Vs The Church of the Subgenius, or Please Stop Touching Me There
    Electric Bob meets the O'Farrell Brothers
    Electric Bob and Tom Swift on the Warpath, or Vengeance Against The Mundanes
    Electric Bob and Nibbles the Wonder Telekinographic Hamster Meet Robor, King Of The Air.