Quixotic Quantum Quandary

Q³: Hold On!


Welcome once again to Quixotic Quantum Quandary!! Thanks to the mysterious nature of life itself, this feature has been missing (and surely missed, no doubt), but we are back! And mysterious as ever! And by that I do mean of course grainy and close cropped.

I had the experience recently of buying and old Q-Jet carb at a yard sale for $10. Was it, is it worth $10? I am not entirely sure, that seemed somewhat reasonable to me, and I did end up taking it home. I only bring this up because of the nature of the bargaining at said yard sale. There were several folks running the sale, it looked to be a family-got-together-and-cleaned-up-grandma’s-house sort of sale, and so I asked the group what they wanted for that old Q-Jet. Mostly I just got blank stares, so I had to clarify, ‘that old carburetor over there.’ The lady says I need to ask the men, the men say, what do you think it’s worth, or what would I pay, some such as that. So I say that I don’t know, $5 maybe? This resulted in scoffs and comments of it being worth at least $20-30, to which I was not too receptive, being that I don’t actually own a vehicle that could utilize said carb, and, well, I am sort of cheap. We came to an agreement, thanks to one of the fellows running the sale convincing the other guy that since I didn’t need it, and they really didn’t need it, how about $10? The high valuer didn’t ever seem really convinced, so, was this just a clever negotiating tactic, or what? Why ask me what I think it is worth, surely assuming I will lowball, then scoff at my response?! Just give me a starting point with which to begin the negotiations!


Here is last week’s time’s jet engine business end, out of an RA-5 Vigilante! Congratulations are due for Bill Jones and CopterBob, who were the first of our knowledgeable audience to correctly identify what they were seeing! Nice job guys!



And remember, if you happen to have access to any oddball sort of tech related items, or just a blurry camera and an eye for weird photo angles, please don’t hesitate to send your ideas in! Simply email HycoSpeed@gmail.com and throw Q³ in the subject line and I’ll get right on it!

  • Bill Jones

    Well in all honesty, I must admit I was a turbine engine mechanic in the U.S.Navy for ten years. I worked on helicopters, but my brother-in-law worked on Vigilantes for many years.

    • No excuses now! You have knowledge of semi-obscure technology, and around these parts, that's awesome!

  • sporttruck

    It's an WW1 vintage aircraft axle and wheel assembly but the exact aircrafti do not kniw.

    • Slow_Joe_Crow

      I think you are on target, the wire spoked wheel is not the right proportion for a bicycle or motorcycle but would make sense as landing gear which would make the "rope" in the foreground a bungee cord suspension and means that it is probably post WWI from the 20s or early 30s.

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