Shutdown: Just in Case


It’s for your protection, really.

  • cruisintime

    In case of Atomic Attack : Place your head between your legs,and kiss your ass goodbye !

  • skitter

    7. Wet floor signs can be reversed for use in the event of a radioactive spill

  • I love how they treat exposure to radiation as a "That'll buff right out. Bit of soda water and you'll be back in business" kind of way. Like you shouldn't even have to call in sick to work the next day. It only kills the enemy! Right?!?

    I grew up with these things all over my Elementary School, but no one would tell me what they meant. I kept looking around them for some kind of shelter or doorway or paper bag or something but they just hung on the walls in stairwells and other creepy places.

    <img src="; width=350>

    Evidently I wasn't the only one puzzled by these strange symbols. Negativland had a great piece dealing with the anxiety they caused; it's on their Escape From Noise LP from 1987.

    [youtube x8wDKEhQcv0 youtube]

    • skitter

      I always wanted to know where the secret prepared room was.
      Turns out it was the remarkably unprotected media center.
      Pure psychology.

      • Vairship

        The room doesn't need special protection, as long as it has a table to duck under you'll be safe!

  • Ragnarök! has begun! (Stop me if you've heard this one)
    At least, according to the organizers of York, England's JORVIK festival (wait, are Yorkshiremen even Vikings? I would think they'd have bigger dogs…) the beginning of the hundred days of Ragnarök began when the GIANT MIDGUARD SERPENT rose from the sea, an event none of us can forget, as it was evidenced by a comically outsized and thoroughly deceased Oarfish washing up in Southern California last October. Coincidentally, Loki's wolf-son had just broken out of prison in Southern California, where everyone goes to jail these days.

    As my last gift to you before the (other) wolf swallows the moon, the freezing, drowning, etc., etc. I give you GWAR's Ragnarök!; as performed by the Broadway cast of CATS! Because FTW in the biker sense.

    [youtube YNgMYgHISOI youtube]

    (You win the internets if you can find a jailbreak involving someone named Wolf anytime last October.)

  • nanoop

    "Do not smoke during an atomic bomb attack" – right. that is what'll kill you.

    • craigsu

      Well, of course. You wouldn't want to ignite the atomic fumes.

  • scroggzilla

    I'm sorry, but if I find myself in the midst of an atomic attack, I'm having a scotch and a Marlboro.