Atomic Hangovers

Get to Work!


Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes, the bear makes you work a Saturday. Speaking of bears, enjoy a video called “Red Moon”, a short film about a Soviet submarine captain who just might be a werewolf. This film was directed by Jimmy Marble of California-based production company Sirocco Research Labs.


Lead image, video via laughingsquid.

  • B72

    Somehow the idea of cavalry seems like less of a good idea when in a conflict that involves accurate guns. Being strapped to the back of a bear might make taking cover difficult.

    Also, they have saddles. I expected them to be riding bearback.

  • <img src=""&gt;

    "Amateurs. You can be damn sure you wont see Santa Claus and Krampus riding around on my back."

  • cruisintime

    I want my Money back!

    • I agree. That was awful. And not the so-awful-it's-fun kind of awful, just the regular, unpleasant kind of awful.

      • cruisintime

        Awe Full .